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NYFW Fall 2015: J. Crew Review

Abbie Stellar |
February 17, 2015 | 5:11 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

J. Crew Fall 2015 collection (Randy Brooke/Getty)
J. Crew Fall 2015 collection (Randy Brooke/Getty)
As a typical J. Crew collection debut would have it, the audience was left craving yet another artfully tailored outfit. For its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 selection, the designers over at everyone’s favorite go-to preppy fashion outlet, presented clean-cut, classic looks. The colors expanded from neutrals—navy, black, white and shades of tan—to vibrant yellows, blues and pastel pinks, with shockingly beautiful textured pieces. 

Being both a men's and women’s fashion line, J. Crew’s styles this season ranged from men’s suits to women’s dresses, and everything in between. Incorporating their classic staples of neatly pleated pants and pantsuits, there was added flare with the introduction of wide leg dress pants for women in an astonishingly stark steel gray. The lines of the collection speak as an art form for the classic appeal of a polished and well put-together outfit. 

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However, the company didn’t stick to the straight and narrow entirely this time. They frayed the edges of tailored and nautical chic to introduce fringe-y flair. Debuting a collection of skirts with varying widths of fringe, J. Crew plays to the heartstrings of every sharply dressed woman wishing to play up her look and add some fun and color to her classy pieces. While adhering to the fringe trend, J. Crew came up with a classic twist to make these pieces more timeless rather than trendy. 

One eye-catching standout was a textured fabric that highlighted the glitz that can be found in a chic and classy wardrobe. This multi-colored, button decoupage fabric can be found in three different styles: a maxi skirt, mock layer dress and blazer. Each piece is a knockout and adds sophistication and dazzle to simple staples. 

Standing by their New York roots, the company produced a classic, worthwhile show. For men and women, the outfits were appealing to the masses in its ready-wear fashion. Men were given the option of suave suits and shimmering metallic down jackets of a pistachio mint color, and women could awe in styles that sparkle and stun. Accomplishing yet another lineup of fashionable finds, J. Crew sold us hook, line and sinker. 

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