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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, Episode 15: 'Through A Glass, Darkly'

Kathy Zerbib |
January 6, 2015 | 10:58 p.m. PST

Senior Entertainment Editor

The girls attend Mona's funeral in "PLL" (ABC Family).
The girls attend Mona's funeral in "PLL" (ABC Family).
Previously on "Pretty Little Liars," our favorite Rosewood ladies and their boos enjoyed a pleasant Christmas get-together that was rudely interrupted by a not-so-endearing message from "A" ("Merry Christmas, Bitches. -A" in Christmas lights).

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Considering how potentially tragic the Christmas special could have been, this ending wasn't too much of a mood killer. All things considered, we're resuming the series with high hopes and no cliffhangers to stress over.

Episode 14 starts at Mona's funeral, now three months since her disappearance. Her body has yet to be found and the girls continue to suspect Ali. Lo and behold, Ali shows up to the funeral to pay her respects to Mrs. Vanderwaal and reaffirm that she had no part in Mona's disappearance. Needless to say, Mama Vanderwaal doesn't believe her. She slaps Ali. Hanna pulls Mrs. Vanderwaal away and Ali is left stunned.

We find out the girls still haven't turned in Ali's letter to Bethany (the one proving she lied about not knowing Bethany) because of their suspicion that Holbrook is one of Ali's allies. 

Later at the Vanderwaal home, Hanna is helping Mama Vanderwaal clean up around the house. Mama V apologizes for lashing out at the service and gives Hanna one of Mona's stuffed animals, a super adorbs dog.

Meanwhile, at the Hastings home, Spencer greets her father with a hug. He brings bad news - Bethany's parents are petitioning the court to have Spencer's bail revoked. They'd been trying to do so for months, but it may work this time because her indictment was unsealed. Turns out her arrest warrant was issued because a witness stated she/he saw Spencer in the DiLaurentis backyard with a girl dressed in Ali's clothes. 

Surprise - the witness is Mrs. DiLaurentis. Darren Wilden took her statement and hid it. The police found it just before Thanksgiving (Convenient, much?) and took it to a judge. As Detective Tanner tells Toby the truth behind Spencer's arrest, he informs her of Mrs. Di's affair with Bethany's father and the connection to Radley. "It always seems to lead back to Radley, doesn't it?" Tanner questions. Can we get an amen, PLL fans?

Aria and Ezra are discussing his new bookshelves and Mike. Mike is torn up over losing Mona, a girl he loved, and the two agree to have Ezra talk to Mike about it. Ezra needs someone to help him fix up his new bookshelves, anyway. Aria and Ezra are still going strong.

Emily and Paige, however, are not. Paige is getting ready to leave for California per her parents' demands, missing prom and graduation (and a lifetime with Emily). Her parents want her to be safe and there is no compromise. 

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Hanna tells Caleb about her talk with Mrs. V. She wants to call Mrs. Grunwald the psychic to find out where Mona's body is. Hanna feels like she owes Mrs. V. a favor for pushing Mona to help them. Hanna feels responsible for Mona's death. Caleb talks her out of it for now, but we know how stubborn Hanna can be…

Sitting on a park bench at night, Aria finds out her application to Oberlin College was rejected. Suddenly, Ali is behind her and asks, "Bad news?" (Anyone else's creep meter just mentally skyrocket?) Just as Aria tries to flee, Ali tells her being afraid of her is unnecessary. 

Finally, for the first time on the show, a confrontation happens. Aria blasts Ali, telling her everyone knows Ali is "A" and that Ali killed Mona and Bethany. Thank you, show writers, for finally adding in a much-needed confrontation scene. Ali tries to deny Aria's claims, but Aria pulls out a whistle and blows for her life. People turn to look at them and Ali runs off. A short-lived confrontation, but a confrontation nonetheless.

The next day, Spencer is freaking out over Bethany's parents. The girls are trying to console her. They decide to try to crack Ali's alibi to prove she is responsible for Mona's murder. Spencer and Emily go over to the DiLaurentis home to snoop. While Emily goes to the kitchen to find her mom's "borrowed" muffin tray, Spencer speaks with Jason. She finds it hard to believe that Ali was with Jason and their father on the day Mona went missing, despite it being Thanksgiving. "I know she's your sister, but so am I. She set me up, Jason. I'm going to go to jail because of her. Somebody's dead because of her," Spencer pleads. By Jason's face, Spencer may have gotten through to him. She doesn't seem to think so and returns home with Emily just as worried as ever. Emily reveals she stole Ali's hairbrush at the house, hoping to create false evidence by planting a couple hairs at Mona's house. It would weaken Ali's alibi and is Emily's last-minute effort to save Spencer.

Ezra is unable to crack much out of Mike. He says Mike is acting like he doesn't think Mona is actually dead. Mike doesn't provide a reasonable response. Hmm… 

Unsurprisingly, Hanna asked for Mrs. Grunwald's help in locating Mona's body. She takes Mrs. Grunwald to Mona's box in the graveyard. Hands over the stuffed dog as a reference. Mrs. Grunwald immediately figures out the dog's name is Bungee. She gets in a mystical mood and tells Hanna she can't see clearly to find Mona's whereabouts. Does that mean Mona is buried in a dark place, or does it mean she's still alive? Hanna doesn't care much for Mrs. Grunwald's dramatics. Mrs. Grunwald tells her that Mona is "in the dark," not in Rosewood. "She is not having an easy passing… Betrayal and loss. Her soul is caught, bound. She is surrounded by earth and insects and cold," the psychic says. So, basically, she's dead and buried or alive and hiding underground. With "PLL," you just never know.

Jason is looking through baby pictures when Ali returns home. Their tension is obvious from the start. He tells her she has a knack for remembering things differently from the truth and accuses her of always having their father wrapped around her figure. She guesses that Spencer talked to him. Jason confronts her (Two confrontations during one episode! Best day ever!) about where she went on Thanksgiving Day. He knows she left. Ali says the girls are framing her because they want her gone. She insists she didn't kill Mona.

Aria stops by Caleb's apartment and asks him to hack into Oberlin's database to find out why she was rejected. Was it her or was it "A"? It's a crazy idea, but Caleb's down. Better yet - he's going to teach her how to do it.

Spencer and Emily are now breaking into Mona's house. Apparently, the front door was unlocked… Sigh. Just as Spencer finds a spot for the hair, she quickly spots cameras in the ventilation moldings. Plot twist - Mona has cameras and they might have caught Mona's killer coming through the front door. They meet back with Hanna at the Hastings home. They want Hanna to tell Mrs. V. about the cameras and she is less than enthusiastic. Hanna questions whether the cameras belonged to Mona, but goes to the Vanderwaal home. Mrs. V. has decided to buy books for the local library, with a picture of Mona in each one to commemorate her. Hanna tells her Mona was scared and thinking of putting up cameras to keep an eye on things. The seed is planted.

At Ezra's, Aria arrives to pick up Mike. She doesn't see him and calls his cell phone. It rings behind her and she turns around… Straight into "A." "A" closes her off in plastic and makes off with Mona's computer, stashed in Aria's book bag. Welp.

Alison is out on the town when she runs into Mrs. Grunwald on the street. Mrs. Grunwald apologizes for Ali's loss, but we aren't sure if she means Mona or Mrs. Di. Ali hurries past her and Mrs. Grunwald grabs her hand. She peers into Ali's soul for a bit and loosens her grip. Wonder what the psychic saw in her.

Back at the police station, Tanner and Toby are with Jason. The police searched Mona's home and found three cameras - including the one aimed at the front door that captured Mona being attacked by a girl with long, blonde hair. Jason admits it could be his sister. 

It's not long until the police show up to his house later that evening for Ali. She asks Jason to stall the police while she gets away. Sirens ring into the night as she flees out the back. She's met by the four girls. They had joined together to stop Ali, once and for all. Emily even turned down taking Paige to the airport for this moment. She tries to tell them that "A" will come for them next if she doesn't get away, but they're not buying it. Tanner closes in on them and handcuffs Ali. There's no getting out of this one - Ali's under arrest for Mona's murder.

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Once the drama is over, Aria talks to little bro Mike at home about Ali's arrest. She tells him she is no longer afraid because Ali is gone. Mike denounces her little speech, claiming Aria is just like everyone else - pretending Mona was a saint without truly knowing Mona. He's sick of being told how nice and sweet she was. She wasn't nice, he tells Aria, because she was more than that. His eyes swell up with tears and it's a touching moment. Mike has always been a calm, collected character with little willingness to exercise emotion. Mike sobs while Aria leaves the room, making her cry, too.

Paige says goodbye to Emily and Rosewood in "PLL" (ABC Family).
Paige says goodbye to Emily and Rosewood in "PLL" (ABC Family).
Emily rushes to the airport to see Paige off, but finds the gate closed. She turns to find Paige and has instant hope that Paige changed her mind about leaving. Nope, no such luck. Paige's gate was merely changed and her flight boarded late. Emily tries to tell Paige that Ali is done and there is nothing for Paige's parents to fear. To her chagrin, Paige has already accepted moving and doesn't want to fight for their relationship. Emily begs her to stay, but Paige is already set. "This is what's supposed to happen to us," she tells Emily. They share a final kiss and part ways.

It seems the Liars do have good news every once in a while. Spencer returns home to a discovery of her own. She's met by Tanner, Toby and her father. Tanner tells her the Defense Attorney is dropping charges against her, as the police now believe Ali killed Bethany and tried to frame Spencer. Toby hugs Spencer while she collapses in tears of relief.

The Liars regroup and discuss their futures. They consider moving out of Rosewood and living actual lives. Just as they are dreaming of happy times at universities, fireworks explode above them. Three red streaks flash in the sky into a very recognizable shape - the letter "A." The girls are freaked out, but don't yet believe there is another "A" out to get them. They decide it must be something Ali planned before she was nabbed by the cops.

Jail life isn't sitting too well with Ali. She tosses and turns in bed, fearful of every sound around her. Apparently, makeup is still allowed in jail because Ali looks just as glamorous as ever.

If you thought this episode was the end for the Liars, it certainly isn't. It's barely the beginning of the end. Tune in every Tuesday on ABC Family for an all-new "Pretty Little Liars."

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