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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 14: 'Defense Rests'

Noah Camarena |
January 28, 2015 | 7:32 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jake Putting On The Charm (Twitter/ @paste_tv)
Jake Putting On The Charm (Twitter/ @paste_tv)
Cocaine, tickets for "Wicked" and themed Christmas cards all make an appearance on this week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

There's an ant infestation in the precinct and everyone tries to deal with it in a different way. Of course, Scully and Hitchcock are initially blamed but all Hell breaks loose when the ants enter Terry’s yogurt. Gina tries to use Boyle’s repulsive cologne to scare them away and then Holt decides to freeze them out by opening the windows in the office. This was obviously not a good idea as now it starts to snow in the office and the ants are still there.

Jake is waiting for his girlfriend Sophia (Eva Longoria) with Terry, and Terry senses that something is wrong between the couple. Jake admits that she has been distant but does not know how to deal with it. Jake and Sophia take a walk in the park to talk.

Holt’s arch nemesis, Deputy Chief Wunch visits Holt, much to his dismay, and she announces that she is in the running for Chief of Police in Boston. She asks Holt for his help as she tries to get the job. Holt loves the fact that he is now in charge of her fate. 

Gina is visibly upset about her mom and Boyle’s dad being together and that Boyle is no longer on board with the plan to break them up. Boyle’s dad wants to marry Gina’s mom and Boyle does not want to end that. 

As Jake and Sophia go on their walk, she admits that her boss (Chris Parnell) has not been giving her any good cases because she is dating a cop. She decides to put her job ahead and asks Jake to press pause on their relationship. Terry tells Jake that pause is bad and is confused as to why Jake is not upset. Jake says that he has nothing to worry about and he is just going to try to make her boss fall in love with him at a gala that night. Terry reluctantly agrees to go to the gala in order to help his friend. 

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Jake and Terry are uncomfortable being in a room full of lawyers but they stay in order to potentially fix Jake’s relationship.

Holt is at a crossroads with what to do for Wunch. He does not want to help her because he hates her but then he also knows that if he does not endorse her, she will stay in the area. He asks Rosa for help and Rosa tells him to be nice to Wunch.

Jake surprises Sophia at the party and tells her that he is there to see her boss Jeffery. She tries to tell Jake that there is no way he can charm her boss but he is persistent in his efforts. 

Boyle and Amy corner Gina and try to negotiate terms that would lead to Gina giving Boyle’s dad her blessing. Gina admits that she does not care about the fact that it is Boyle’s dad but that she is scared of her mom getting hurt. Gina agrees to talk to Boyle’s dad to see if he can get her on board.

Jake starts to bond with Jeffery by playing betting games; Jake is convinced that Jeffrey is a big gambler. Jake follows Jeffery into the bathroom and catches him doing lines of coke. Jake, being the cop that he is, obviously had to arrest Jeffery on the spot.

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Holt tells Rosa that he did indeed give Wunch a strong recommendation but he still has a plan to get back at her: he gives her tickets to a knock off performance of "Wicked."

Gina interrogates Boyle’s dad and he admits that Gina’s mom is the best thing that ever happened to him, including his son, and Gina agrees to let him marry her mom.

Sophia goes to the precinct to be Jeffery’s lawyer and Jake tells her that he figured out a way so that Jeffery only has to do community service. Sophia continues to blame Jake and she breaks up with him for good. Jake chases Sophia down to win her back but she says that their lives are incompatible and that it would never work. Jake admits that he is willing to work to keep them together but Sophia is not on the same page and she leaves.

Holt goes to give Wunch her tickets to "Wicked" in Boston, but she admits that she only used the Boston job as leverage to get a promotion in New York. Wunch thanks Holt for the recommendation once again and seals it with a kiss, leaving Holt in shock.

The precinct meets at the local bar and some choose to celebrate the engagement of Boyle and Gina’s parents; but Terry, Jake and Holt drink at the bar as Jake sulks over the breakup. 

Catch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Sundays at 8:30 PM on Fox.

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