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'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 1, Episode 9: 'Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me'

Kelly O'Mara |
November 21, 2014 | 9:15 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Keating and her husband's fights get super intense/violent (ABC)
Keating and her husband's fights get super intense/violent (ABC)
Here I was wondering how, at this pace of flashbacks per week, they were going to make it stretch out all the way to December. And, well, at least I was right: no more episodes until January. Of course, in case you don’t want to catch up by reading all my amazing recaps, you can just watch every episode again starting next week.

The only upside is that we finally find out what really happened on Murder Eve. And the night starts right away with that answering that question—which they keep asking in a heavy voice every promo. It’s finally the night of the bonfire and Annalise and the husband are fighting at her house/office about him probably killing Lila. He’s trying to explain, increasingly angrily, but she’s “done believing you, done loving you.” He gets semi-pretty-violent and things escalate, with her confessing to sleeping with someone else—someone ‘who knows what she likes,’ btw—and the husband calling her a disgusting slut/monster. Because that’s totally always the way to win someone back. Annalise Keating is all, ‘well, at least you’re finally telling the truth’ and then she leaves.

As she drives away, guess who’s standing in the shadows on the sidewalk? Did you guess Rebecca? Because, then, you totally win. 

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Wes, Connor and Laurel are driving there to try and stop Rebecca. Connor is all annoyed and wants to know how Wes knows where she’ll be. Because the husband killed Lila, he yells! This is kind of crazy and funny to the other two, but also sort of believable, maybe, deep down inside, because why not.

The husband is drinking by himself in the kitchen when someone knocks at the door. You’d think it was Rebecca, but it’s not. It’s Michaela, who says she’s there to return the trophy she stole from Asher, but then she sees someone in the hallway. “Rebecca?”

The husband gets all suspicious. Rebecca tells Michaela to call Wes and runs upstairs, with the husband hot on her heels. Michaela does call Wes, who explains that, naturally, the husband killed Lila and Rebecca’s trying to prove it. Sh*t’s getting real and Michaela tells Wes he needs to get there ASAP. The husband breaks down the bedroom door, but Rebecca locks herself in the bathroom, while Michaela tries to reason with him.

The trio pulls into the driveway and rushes in to save the day. Wes tells the husband to calm down and Rebecca to come out. She does—after she gets everything her needs onto the super special USB drive. She tells the husband that she didn’t find anything and, for a moment, there's a tense detente. And, then, the husband tackles Rebecca and tries to grab the USB drive. There’s a tussle and Laurel grabs the drive. He charges, Michaela pushes him, and the husband flips over the bannister and lies on the ground, still.

Is he dead? Did Michaela kill him? Spoiler alert: no.

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Everyone is fighting about it. Michaela is pissed that she’s even dealing with this, since she just came here to return the trophy and also because she's Michaela. Wes says that no one knows they’re there and they should just cover it up. The husband's dead, but maybe that’s ok, since they think he killed Lila. Then, ahhhhh!!!, he’s alive; he’s alive! And, he choking Rebecca. Someone hits him over the head with the trophy and the husband falls to the ground. But, who did the killing?

Again, the trio is freaking out and fighting, which is slightly annoying, but also—I guess—understandable, given that someone is dead. Throughout all this, we see scenes we’ve already seen (Asher showing up at the door, Michaela crying, Connor losing his mind), but now with new understanding and clarity. That’s sort of the point of this mid-season/winter/ratings-whore finale. That and a super dark mood.

Meanwhile, Asher is at the bonfire and Bonnie is drinking it up at a bar.

Wes delivers Rebecca to a motel and tells her to stay there. He’s walking through the town and the bonfire and flashing back on hitting the husband over the head with the trophy. By the time he gets to the office/house, he’s pretty down. He stands over the husband’s body and says, “I’m so sorry.”

Then, we’re back in the woods—with the scenes we’ve sort of already seen before—and Michaela, Connor, and Laurel are trying to decide what to do. Some people want to burn the body and hide the murder weapon (the trophy) in plain sight. Others, not so much. 

At the same time, Keating is showing up at Detective Nate’s house. She wants to tell him everything; she thinks her husband killed Lila and she has nowhere else to go. He invites her in. He says that she did the right thing by asking the district attorney for DNA tests of all the men in Lila’s life. But, she’s upset and thinks she shouldn’t have done so much to help the husband in the first place. Detective Nate absolves her: we all would have done that for our loved ones. Would we, though?

In the woods, the murderous foursome is going through the motions we’ve seen before. They decide the bonfire will be a great alibi. Then, they go back to the house/office to retrieve the body. Michaela keeps checking her phone and Laurel has to give her a pep talk: don’t call your fiance, you can’t. Yet, Laurel’s hands are shaking too. Everyone’s in tip-top shape. 

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Keating says she should go to a hotel, but Detective Nate tells her to stay. In a masterful feat of editing, this is spliced with the four students rolling the husband’s body up in a rug. Bonnie makes out with a guy from the bar, but gives up on that and calls Asher. Just so we can tie up loose ends.

We’re seeing the same scenes again—the group almost hitting Asher with their car—except this time Keating is calling the husband and not getting an answer. She asks Detective Nate if they’re terrible people. He says, “No” and then they have sex on the couch, because if that’s not an answer then I don’t know what is. 

Bonnie is at Asher’s house, telling him to stop being an idiot and just have the sex already. Keating is picking up her clothes from Detective Nate’s house. And, the group is in the woods, trying to get rid of the body. Keating calls the husband one last time and leaves a heart-wrenching message, which touchingly plays over the scene of the students disposing of his body. She says they’ve known each other through the bad and the good, and she’s with him no matter what; she doesn’t want it to end this way. We see other scenes we’ve seen before, but now in context: Frank calling to apologize to Laurel, Michaela losing her engagement ring.

Then the foursome is putting trash bags in a dumpster and Wes isn’t happy about it. He says they need to find an incinerator, but Connor says that it’s time he’s done being in charge. Basic TV writing logic suggests that this is going to bite them in the a**. Also, Michaela is still worried about her engagement ring missing and, ditto, TV logic says that can’t end well either.

The next day, Wes is in bed at the motel and calls out for Rebecca, who comes in with coffee and bagels. Where is the thumb drive, he asks. When she tells him, he destroys it, because it would prove they were there. So, all that was worth nothing, she says. But, don’t think too hard about that. It might start to erode your life TV-watching choices too.

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In the new morning light, everything is dealing with things. Michaela gets home and sees her super-expensive Vera Wang wedding dress hanging up. Connor shows up at the not-ex-boyfriend’s door crying. And, Laurel tells Frank she needs his help, because she stole the trophy from Asher and she’s just so stressed and she needs his help getting it back, without anyone knowing. He says he'll take care of it. And, Asher is in bed with Bonnie — when Bonnie gets a phone call.

It’s Keating on the phone. We’ve seen this scene before. She wants to know if Bonnie’s seen “him?” They fought and now the husband's not answering his phone. Bonnie promises to be over right away, despite the fact that she totally was just fired for revealing that “he” kissed her. I don't know, but if I was Bonnie I might not be too eager to help Keating.

Everyone is feeling upbeat and new, though. It’s a better day. We see the garbage truck pick up the trash bags that they dumped the night before—which, again, basic TV logic suggests we aren’t seeing because it’s no big deal. Michaela confronts her future mother-in-law and apologizes for trying to slap her. Michaela hands over a signed pre-nup, which I’m calling a total cop-out. And, the not-ex-boyfriend asks Connor to tell him what is going on. Connor can’t tell the truth, so he says that he did a bunch of drugs and has a drug problem. But, he can’t talk about it right now. His phone is ringing; time to go to work.

They all show up at the office, so worried that they were just called here to be arrested. But, Wes tells them to calm down. Wes always has the answers. Asher yells at them for lying about going to the bonfire. And, Frank says the trophy showed up back on the porch—no questions asked. 

Then, Annalise comes out without her wig or make-up on. She is clearly destroyed and distraught about whatever happened to her husband. There’s a knock at the door; it’s the police here to ask a lot of questions about the husband. She tells the group that the husband was having an affair and she confront him and now he’s missing. She’s so clearly upset that everyone starts to feel sort of bad for killing the husband. But, you know, what are you gonna do?

She asks them to please tell the police everything they know and Wes promises that they’ll be “as honest as possible, of course.” And he looks all into her soul with his calm eyes and then we get one last flashback.

He’s walking down the street again to the office/house and standing over the dead husband. Again, he says, “I’m so sorry.” But, this time, from the darkness in the corner, Keating says, “Don’t be.”

Whoa, was it all a lie?

She’s sitting, all pulled together, at the desk, watching him. Which is a totally cool twist, but a little unclear on the timeline? It seems that she must have decided early on that she was leaning in to this whole her husband deserves to die thing, and then pretended to be super distraught. Except that it was one of those things that’s a good lie because it’s partially true.

Back in real time, where she's asking them all to be honest with the police (except not really be honest), she looks at Wes and he looks at her and she says, “Thank you.” Thank you for killing my husband and lying about it.

Guess you’ll have to wait until January now to find out what exactly is going on in her mind. Or, never. It’s possible we never find out what’s going on in her mind.

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