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'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 1, Episode 8: 'He Has A Wife'

Kelly O'Mara |
November 17, 2014 | 10:19 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

"How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC)
"How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC)
This is an epic day. OMG. There is a new opening scene on "How to Get Away with Murder." Instead of the increasingly tiresome bonfire, this week’s episode opens with a super gruesome close-up of the dead Lila Stanguard, which is probably only welcome because we’re so tired of that stupid bonfire.

Then, flashback six months earlier. This week is Lila’s week, so I don't know who else is left after the dead girl. Her and Rebecca are hanging out, shooting the shit, and having fun—almost like they were friends. Lila’s worried about having sex and Rebecca makes fun of Griffin’s virginity pact. But, it’s not Griffin that Lila’s worried about. She says she met someone, but “he has a wife.” I think we know who it is.

Back in real time, Bonnie is still standing at Professor Keating and the husband’s door, with the devastating news that Lila was pregnant. Annalise makes Bonnie stay while she quizzes her husband about if he’s a lying liar. (He says he’s not, but I'm pretty sure we all know he kind of is.) Bonnie tries to leave, but Keating won’t let her. Awkward! Finally, after lots of yelling, Keating storms off muttering, “Should have used a condom.” Good advice for life, kiddos.

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In class, Keating lectures about how we’re not always responsible for our actions. Is this the lesson of the episode? The entire show? Or, just a heavy-handed thought from the powers-that-be (the writers)? Probably both. 

Here’s this week’s case: Gretchen Thomas was seen on her home security camera dragging her nanny’s body out of the house and hosing it down to clean up the mess. Gretchen is known for doing crazy things while on sleeping pills and not remembering any of it. She was asleep while she cleaned up the bloody body. Is she responsible for her actions? Is anyone?

When the crew goes to interview Gretchen at her house, she’s a mom on a mission—planning her kid’s birthday party, packing lunches, taking calls. Keating will have none of this and takes the phone from her to hang up. But, Gretchen doesn’t want their help. She doesn’t want to take the stand. She’s upset about what she did and if she needs to go to jail, then so be it.

Family dynamics: the husband wants her to defend herself, the son's thinking, "screw it."

Since Gretchen won’t take the stand, the crew is all assigned to prep her family and friends, who will have to take the stand to attest to her character instead. While they’re at the office, Michaela freaks out some about exams and Connor invites Wes and Laurel to his study group—because he wants to be friends or because the writers need a reason for them all to be in the same place at the same time?

Keating then calls Wes into her office, because Keating has a weird flirty-eyes thing about Wes. She tells him that Lila was pregnant when she was killed and she tells him not to tell Rebecca, for her own good, so she doesn’t do anything stupid. He agrees.

Obviously, he tells Rebecca anyway. She wants to do something stupid, but he says no. He says, “We’ll figure out our next steps.” Apparently, they’re a “we” now.

Rebecca agrees and, then, obviously, she does what she wants anyway. She meets Detective Nate in an alley, because that’s where Detective Nate always meets people. He wants her help to find Lila’s real killer—who they both think is the husband, but, honestly, I’m not so sure. My money’s on the football player boyfriend, or someone random I guess. Maybe Keating. Rebecca wants to know why Detective Nate wants to help her, but he’s pissed at Keating. He’s helping himself. They decide she’ll try to get the husband’s DNA to prove the baby is his.

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Flashing back to Lila’s story in July 2014, Rebecca and her are on the roof talking about Lila’s new married boyfriend and her first sex. They gossip about how his wife must not be putting out—oh, Annalise, snap. While they’re laughing, he texts a picture of his penis. They laugh some more.

Now, Rebecca is at Keating’s office/house to try and get the husband’s DNA. She says she’s looking for her gloves, but the husband is suspicious. He tells her to leave.

The group is doing their interviews of Gretchen’s family. Everyone agrees that she was over-medicated and would do the craziest things while on her sleeping pills, with no memory of it—even have sex with her husband. Once they’re in court, though, the son drops a bomb on the witness stand. He was in love with the nanny. That’s why he was up at 3 a.m. and saw her dead, because he was going to her room to have the sex. “We loved each other.”

In the hallway of the court—which is where everything exciting goes down—Michaela is pissed with her fiancee about the pre-nup. And, Keating is pissed with everyone about the kid’s love bomb. She yells at Connor for not catching it in his interview and then she lets loose on Bonnie, telling her that her only job is to let Keating know what's coming her way (in more way than one). That’s the only reason Keating puts up with her “mousy presence” around the house—the unspoken criticism there being that she also puts up with all of Bonnie’s making eyes at the husband.

At the office, the gang is doing their thing. Connor has one of Keating’s exams from last year for his new study partners. Laurel is getting sexy texts from Frank, so naturally they have sex in his car. Asher tells Bonnie not to worry about Keating yelling at her, and can he get off early for his party. (This may be the prompting for their sexy times later.) Then, the husband comes in and Bonnie starts to tell him something about the night Lila was killed—but Keating interrupts and glares.

The husband tells Keating about Rebecca coming by and how it seems very suspicious. Wes probably told her about the pregnancy, since he’s so into Rebecca. Which is sort of sweet. The husband sort of grovels and what does Keating want him to do and he broke them, so he’ll fix them. And, she’s all righteously upset and broken—pretty conveniently forgetting about all the sex she had with Detective Nate. Now that she can be all angry at the husband for sleeping with a girl who died, it’s awfully easy to blame him for messing up their marriage—except she had sex with him when he was someone else’s husband too, so...it’s complicated.

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Flashing back to August 2014, Rebecca and Lila are on the roof again, but this time Lila is sad. Her new boyfriend wants to end it and she knows that she shouldn’t be surprised, but she is. She’s glad Griffin the football player never found out, but Rebecca thinks she should still break up with that guy. Lila also makes the cryptic comment that “bad things happen when you have sex.” Like pregnancy? Hmm…

Rebecca consoles her friend and then flash forward to Rebecca in her apartment thinking about things. She calls Detective Nate with an idea.

Connor goes to check on Gretchen’s son after his big courtroom reveal. The son is not having it so much, but he does reveal one more thing. The nanny gave him an STD. At the office, Michaela—who, obviously, was pre-med before she went to law school—knows exactly which specific antibiotic treats that STD and solves the whole case.

What do you think she figured out? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out in court with everyone else—just like is totally normal in courtrooms. Keating questions the husband. On the night the nanny was murdered, what else happened? Your wife had a glass of wine at dinner, which she almost never does, because it’s impossible to wake her after wine plus sleeping pills. Oh, the other thing that happened that night? The husband found out that his son had an STD—the exact same STD that he had, because he was already sleeping with the nanny. Obviously, he then encouraged his wife to drink, stabbed the nanny for sleeping with someone else besides him, and showed his sleepwalking wife the bloody mess, which she naturally started to clean up. Obviously.

“I’m so sorry,” the husband says.

Because you would totally just give in after that super-weak theorizing and not deny anything.

Gretchen is upset with Keating. She ruined their family. But, Keating says that she’s really mad at him for what he did and, “You’ll thank me one day.” Is that really about her and the husband? No, that would be too heavy-handed.

Michaela is bothering Keating for the trophy, but Keating doesn’t even care and then Michaela gets distracted because she has a guest at the office: her future mother-in-law, who could give Keating a run for her money in the domineering, judgmental, complex, older woman department.

The future mother-in-law is all judge-y about the bonfire partying happening outside the fancy restaurant, but she gets to the point: Michaela will sign the pre-nup. She did not build her business from nothing to risk it all now. Michaela says she loves him and will be with him forever and will not sign the pre-nup. The crazy intense MIL threatens to call off the wedding and to send her back to that swamp she came from, bitch. Michaela tries to slap the woman, but the MIL grabs her hand. “Now I know I was right about you,” she says to Michaela—which I’m super curious about. Right about what?

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Meanwhile, Frank and Laurel are having sex on the floor of his apartment when a woman walks out of the kitchen and looks down on them, holding a wine glass. Frank is not happy to see her. She says she’s his girlfriend (because, of course, no one just has normal relationships on this show) and Laurel must be “the student of the month,” which is some shade if I ever saw any. 

Bonnie finally tells the husband what she was trying to say before. On the night of the murder, she saw Lila. Lila showed up at the office/house, demanding to speak to Annalise Keating. Bonnie redirected the girl and told her to go home. But, Lila said she came to tell Keating something important. “He can’t keep it a secret anymore.”

It’s only now that Bonnie realizes who it was and that Lila was talking about the pregnancy. The husband tries to convince her not to tell Keating. There’s no need. It would just destroy her and it wouldn’t do any good, he says. And, then, to seal the deal he kisses Bonnie. On the porch of the house/office. Because that seems like a super fantastic idea.

As the bonfire starts outside—so we’re finally caught up to current day in the flashbacks I think, maybe, who knows—Bonnie tells Keating everything. She didn’t know who Lila was at the time; she thought the husband was at Yale that night and that the two of them were working through stuff. She’s a crying, sniveling mess and even tells Keating that he kissed her to get her not to tell. Keating stands and looks all imperious and fires Bonnie. “Don’t come back.” This seems pretty unfair to Bonnie. And, also, definitely does not encourage truth-telling in the workplace.

As we’re finally getting up to the night of the husband's murder, we have to get all the pieces in place. Detective Nate meets with Rebecca and gives her a super-special USB drive. All she has to do is plug it into the husband’s computer and they’ll get all the info they need from his phone about his coordinates. Wes sees Rebecca get out of the car, though, and confronts her. He thinks Detective Nate is still Keating’s boyfriend and they’re being set up. Connor comes in for study group and Rebecca storms out.

Asher is pumping himself up at his house when Michaela shows up for the party. Except that she just steals the trophy and leaves.

When Laurel shows up at Wes’s for study group, she’s been crying about Frank, though she won’t admit it. Wes is banging on Rebecca’s door until Connor points out she probably left out the back. And, then, Wes realizes the super-special USB drive is gone!

Everything is falling into place. You can finally see how the murderous foursome end up burning the husband’s body in the woods.

And, at the office/house, Keating is making a call when the husband walks in. What was that? She was calling the district attorney’s office and demanding that they DNA test every man in Lila’s life—including all her teachers. Oh, sh*t. That’s definitely one way to burn your husband for being a lying d*ckhead.

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