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Best TV Bromances

Noah Camarena |
November 6, 2014 | 9:06 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jerry and George (Twitter, @MirrorTV)
Jerry and George (Twitter, @MirrorTV)
Some of the best relationships are purely platonic; they would be the bromances. Whether these friendships grew from being roommates, colleagues or simply two people hanging out in the same room, these are the bromances that we all love.

George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld

These two friends from the popular sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ met in high school and remained friends into their adulthood. Of the two, Jerry is usually the voice of reason as George is constantly getting himself into trouble. George’s personality was shaped by his psycho parents who caused him a lot of grief when he was young. While George is definitely messed up, Jerry is not the perfect person either. Jerry actually encourages his friends to fail sometimes because it gives him more material for jokes that he can use as material as a comic. The two friends are so close that George once dated a woman who actually resembled that of Jerry. They are able to share their self-serving ways as friends which actually makes it a productive friendship.

J.D. and Turk

The two doctors from ‘Scrubs’ started off as college roommates and remained friends all the way through their careers. J.D. and Turk openly confess their love for one another through their public display of affection and by simply telling each other every chance they get. Their immaturity is what draws them together but their genuine natures and pure hearts are what keep them so close. They are so in sync that they have nicknames for one another and they can even literally finish each other’s sentences. The best part about their relationship is that they do all of these antics and childish things, yet they can get away with it because they are so lovable and true.

Stewie and Brian

Man’s best friend takes on the role of baby’s best friend in this bromance between the two characters from ‘Family Guy.’ These two friends have a hot and cold relationship; they can be perfectly in sync in one moment and then going at each other’s necks the next. The relationship was originally all about Stewie belittling the family dog, however the two have grown extremely close and have had very sentimental moments with one another throughout the show. Stewie not only has confided in his best friend, but he also has cheered him up on multiple occasions when Brian did not feel like a part of the family. When Brian was run over by a car and killed, Stewie took the loss the hardest and even tried to find a way to get rid of the new family dog, Vinny. Eventually, Stewie found a way to go back in time and save Brian, embracing him with a hug.

Joey and Chandler

The two roommates from ‘Friends’ even raised a duck together. If that doesn’t scream bromance, I don’t know what does. Their bromance was best illustrated when they were not roommates for a short period of time and they no longer could watch ‘Baywatch’ together in their comfortable arm chairs. Joey’s stupidity is paired nicely with Chandler’s sarcasm; Chandler basically takes care of Joey half of the time. The two even remained as close as possible when Chandler moved across the hall and married Monica. These two are always there for each other and their personalities provide a great balance and a lovable dynamic. 

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Winston, Nick and Schmidt (Twitter, @NewGirlOnFox)
Winston, Nick and Schmidt (Twitter, @NewGirlOnFox)
Nick, Winston and Schmidt

The three loft mates from ‘New Girl’ have three very different dynamics and personalities but somehow it works. Nick is the slacker bartender who just quite can’t figure out the direction of his life. Winston is the former basketball player, albeit in Latvia, who is a rather strange person who does not always have the best understanding of personal relationships. Schmidt is the self-absorbed ladies’ man who is the biggest contributor of the three to the loft’s Douchebag Jar. Nick and Winston were childhood friends in Chicago and Nick met Schmidt in college, when the now womanizer was overweight and lacked confidence. The three friends really do not have a voice of reason among them as Nick and Schmidt are big dreamers while Winston is usually the butt of all of their jokes due to his ineptitudes in many areas. While the three are often dysfunctional when all together, they always have a good time which makes them a formidable bromance.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

This bromance is unconventional when compared to the others on this list, but these two stars from ‘The Voice’ have developed quite the relationship over the years. Even though the two give each other a hard time on the show, it is all in the love of competition and frankly the love of one another. As opposed to some other reality shows where ratings come from conflict and constant bickering, Shelton and Levine add to the intrigue of the show with their genuine friendship. The only thing missing from this bromance is the most obvious connection of all. The two have yet to do a musical collaboration, although I am not quite sure how their two styles would mesh. I say they should give it a try, for the love of friendship. 

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Abed and Troy (Twitter, @Momentosdeserie)
Abed and Troy (Twitter, @Momentosdeserie)
Troy and Abed

And at last we have arrived at my personal favorite bromance of them all. What started as a clueless nerd and a cocky jock blossomed into one of the best friendships on TV. Troy and Abed from ‘Community’ have such a fun and emotional bromance that makes it my favorite of them all. Abed was noticeable different from everyone else from day one, while Troy was the high school football star whose career was destroyed thanks to an injury. As Troy and Abed got closer, Troy’s nerdy side was exposed and a beautiful friendship was born. The two definitely had their differences, as all friends do, but they always overcame their disagreements and made up. Their epic forts, paintball fights and morning talk shows were some of the most memorable moments of the show. This is also the only bromance that has made me emotional. When Troy ended his stint at the community college, Abed nearly lost his mind and could not quite comprehend that his best friend would no longer be around. However, Troy, being the great friend he is, played to the strengths of Abed and pretended as if they were in a movie. This is the one friendship that I truly wish I could be a part of.

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