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11 Best 'Friends' Episodes

Diana Lee |
October 23, 2014 | 2:10 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The "Friends" series ran for 10 seasons (Twitter/@thei100).
The "Friends" series ran for 10 seasons (Twitter/@thei100).
In case you haven't heard yet, Netflix announced that the entire "Friends" series will be available starting Jan. 1, 2015. This is the first time this iconic show will be available on a streaming site. So we decided to look back at the most adored episodes:

11) Season 5, Episode 9 - "The One with Ross's Sandwich"

As Ross is about to be divorced for the second time at the age of 30, he has a feud over a turkey sandwich that was taken by a co-worker. The sandwich has much more meaning for him than you would think.

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10) Season 1, Episode 7 - "The One with the Blackout"

Chandler gets locked in an ATM vestibule with a model, and pulls out all the stops to impress her. She finds him charming despite his goofy moments, including when he says "gum would be perfection."

9) Season 10, Episode 12 - "The One with Phoebe's Wedding"

We get to see Phoebe and Mike's heart-touching wedding in this episode. Although many things go wrong leading up to the big day, the charming ceremony is one to remember. 

8) Season 10, Episode 2 - "The One Where Ross is Fine"

When Ross finds out about Rachel and Joey's relationship, he doesn't handle it well, at all.

7) Season 7, Episode 11 - "The One with All the Cheesecakes"

Rachel and Chandler are in a dilemma when a cheesecake gets delivered to them by accident and it's too good to resist. They take another one, and another one...

6) Season 9, Episode 9 - "The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner"

Phoebe gets put up to a test when the rest of the group ditches her birthday plans, and she tries to hold a table for six with just Joey.

5) Season 5, Episode 8 - "The One with the Flashback Thanksgiving"

Besides the questionable hairstyles from 1987, the episode shows the gang when they were younger. Most importantly, it includes how the power couple Monica and Chandler met. 

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4) Season 5, Episode 16 - "The One with the Cop"

Phoebe has another great moment in this scene, as she pretends to be a cop using a police officer's badge. When she accidentally runs into the owner of the badge, she tries to weasel her way out. This episode also has the famous "pivot" scene. 

3) Season 6 Episode 15 and 16 - "The One That Could Have Been" Part 1 and 2

The Friends imagine what could have happened had their lives taken a different turn. Rachel marries Berry and Phoebe is a workaholic investment banker. Who knew how different things could be? 

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2) Season 2, Episode 14 - "The One with the Prom Video"

The group watches Monica and Rachel's prom video and make an unexpected discovery. Ross and Rachel finally get together. He's her lobster!

1) The winner is…Season 5, Episode 14- "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

Rachel and Phoebe decide to play a prank on Monica and Chandler by pretending they don't know about their relationship. Phoebe fake seduces Chandler, and, as expected, it gets more than a little awkward. The sweet ending, though, tells us all we need to know about the couple. 

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