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Best Quotes In 'Gotham'

Tanya Mardirossian |
November 10, 2014 | 10:26 a.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Anyone who is familiar with the "Batman" comics, TV shows and/or movies knows that Gotham is a town full of corruption. One of Fox's latest series, "Gotham," tells the story of how James Gordon became a detective, as we have seen Gary Oldman play him in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy. The show also introduces us to his partner Harvey Bullock, and of course, young Bruce Wayne. Here are the season's memorable quotes, whether they describe characters or Gotham's corruption: 

Episode 1 Pilot

“You can’t have organized crime without law and order.” -Carmine Falcone

Episode 2 "Selina Kyle" 

"I never lose sleep over my enemies. It's my friends that keep me awake." - Carmine Falcone 

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Episode 3 "The Balloonman" 

James Gordon: "You saw him in the dark?"

Selina Kyle (the future catwoman herself): "I can see in the dark."

Episode 4 "Arkham"

Bruce Wayne wakes up gasping for air from a nightmare. 

Bruce: "Bad dream."

Alfred: "Was I in it?"

Bruce: "Not this time." 

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Episode 5: "Viper" 

After busting a bad guy, Harvey Bullock is confused in his sracastic nature.

Harvey Bullock: "What's altruism?"

James Gordon looks at him surprised he doesn't know the word's meaning and answers, "Charity." 

A lightbulb goes on in Gordon's mind, and the two move on to solve a case. 

Episode 6 "Spirit of the Goat" 

"Gotham's No. 1 rule: no heroes." -Detective Dicks 

Episode 7: "Penguin's Umbrella" 

"There's nothing more dangerous than an honest man." -Maroni 

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