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'Arrow' Season 3, Episode 7: 'Draw Back Your Bow'

Cristian Pagan |
November 20, 2014 | 10:38 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Ray working out in his office (The CW)
Ray working out in his office (The CW)
In a flashback six months ago, the team is on a huge chase. This was during the time when Slade was terrorizing the town. Oliver saves the girl who we saw in the last episode who called herself Cupid. In the present, one criminal was killed by an arrow. The criminal was dressed like the Arrow. Obviously Cupid wants to get Oliver’s attention.

In Oliver’s flashback in Hong Kong, Oliver and the wife of the Japanese agent are arguing over laundry (which Oliver doesn’t know how to do). Back in the present, Felicity walks in on her boss shirtless doing exercise with some bars in his office. He is a pretty cool boss. Ray basically asks Felicity on a business date. He bought her a really expensive French dress.

Oliver is hard at work trying to find who is killing and staging people. Oliver and John see a public service announcement where Felicity is with Ray while Ray gives a huge speech about how he is changing the name of Queen’s Consolidated to Palmer Technologies. That was a pretty rough moment for Oliver.

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Oliver finds an address located inside the tip of the arrow that killed the criminal. John and Oliver barge into the location and it turns out to be a creepy room with red candles, hearts, and a whole bunch of newspaper clippings of the Arrow. A pretty dedicated psycho fan. There is a phone on the table that Oliver answers and it is the stalker arrow who wants to kill for Oliver and protect Oliver. Roy ends up going back to the cave where he is found researching articles about the cop that he killed.

He cannot get over the fact that he killed an innocent man. Felicity tells Oliver that Ray invited her to dinner and Oliver is pretty hurt about it. In the flashback, Tatsu, the Japanese agent’s wife, is very concerned for the fact that her husband, Maseo, has not called her and won’t answer his phone after he left for an FBI related mission.

Oliver and Tatsu agree to go together to try to find him. Thea auditions people for DJ’s for her club. There is this one guy who is being very cocky about his skills, but anyways, Felicity finds out the identity of Cupid. Her name is Carrie and she is a cop which explains her vigilante skills.

Oliver goes and hunts her down to try to save the man that she is keeping captive. Roy ends up finding her first and he ends up getting taken down. This woman is psychotic and she is trying to play with Oliver’s mind. She truly believes that Oliver and she are made for each other.

Oliver refuses Carrie’s advances and she tries to kill the captive and run away. Oliver saves him, however, Carrie gets away. In the cave, Roy is taking out his anger on the training bags as he is super angry at the fact that Carrie took her down so easily.

It turns out, Carrie has been crazy for a while. She used to go to a psychiatrist after developing a stalker relationship with her co-worker. John goes to visit Felicity at work and talks to her about Roy and Oliver. John tells her that the situation with Ray is messing with Oliver’s head and that it can turn into a serious situation.

Oliver visits the psychiatrist who was taking care of Carrie. He demands details about Carrie and her past. The psychiatrist tells him that she has an attachment disorder that results in Carrie shutting everyone out but one person. In Hong Kong, Oliver and Tatsu are in a car discussing what will be their next move. They notice a few mysterious men and Oliver goes out to find out whether or not they know what happened to Maseo.

Of course, he ends up getting beat up in trying to go about things peacefully. Felicity looks amazing in the blue dress he bought her. Ray then offers her a pearl necklace and Felicity feels weird accepting a necklace that is worth about 10 million dollars. Ray definitely knows how to treat a girl.

Carrie has her own personal computer geek that is tracking how long it takes the Arrow to get to all of his crime scenes and then tracking the distance in order to locate the general location of Oliver’s headquarters. He ends up finding his exact location and Carrie then kills him. Oliver finally lets out that the situation between Ray and Felicity is stressing him out.

He is upset that she is moving on with her life because of the decision that he made and all he wants is for her to be happy. John tells him that if he truly cared about her happiness, then he would be with her. Back in Hong Kong, Tatsu shows off her incredible skills by saving Oliver by slaying most of the men using a sword. She got some info from one of them about who might have taken her husband.

Carrie ends up showing up in Thea’s club. Thea’s choice in DJ back fired on her. Fortunately, the arrogant applicant shows up to save the night for her. Felicity ends up talking up Ray and gushes over him saying that he is not really a businessman. He is someone who is genuine and cares for others, and, if he wants the man’s company, it is not for the money, it is so that he can make him and everyone else proud.

Felicity manages to figure out that Carrie has found her way to Thea’s club which is right above Oliver’s cave. Carrie threatens Oliver of killing everyone in the club if he does not follow through on her. Oliver meets Carrie in the place where he saved her. Carrie tries to make a move on Oliver but he rejects her and he says that he cannot be with her or anyone. Felicity and John are listening to the entire thing and this statement breaks Felicity’s heart.

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Carrie tries to attack Oliver and, although her arrow skills are not that great, her hand to hand combat is pretty good. She ends up handcuffing Oliver to a train track where a train is about to kill both of them until Oliver manages to break free and save both of them. This just further reinforces Carrie’s false love infatuation. She believes Oliver saved her because he loves her.

Ray definitely knows how to treat a lady (The CW)
Ray definitely knows how to treat a lady (The CW)
Oliver decides to give Carrie to a suicide squad where she might learn some personal skills. John talks to Oliver about Felicity’s reaction to his comment about wanting to be alone. In Hong Kong, Tatsu and Oliver stand outside of Tatsu’s apartment wondering how they are going to tell her son their father is dead. However, when they go in it turns out that Maseo is already inside alive and safe.

Thea’s new DJ flirts with her and ends up kissing her…and she lets him. I guess Roy is not in the picture anymore. Meanwhile, Ray tells Felicity that because of her the man decided to sell. Felicity thanks him for the expensive beautiful necklace. Ray ends up kissing her. What is with this episode and random and unwanted make out sessions with the wrong love pairs. Of course, Oliver ends up walking in and seeing them kissing.

Ray backs away and leaves feeling a little awkward because that was not how the night was supposed to end. Felicity was just left standing there confused like the rest of us. In the cave, Oliver is distraught with emotions since he now has realized that he’s lost Felicity. Roy and Oliver go to John’s house for a nice deserved relaxing family dinner.

The episode ends with Ray in his office. He is looking at an A.T.O.M. exosuit design on his computer. It is like he is making his own iron man. A random man ends up getting killed by a metal boomerang. Guess we know who are next villain is. 

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