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'Arrow' Season 3, Episode 6: 'Guilty'

Cristian Pagan |
November 13, 2014 | 8:02 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The team start finding dead drug dealers hanging from the ceiling (The CW)
The team start finding dead drug dealers hanging from the ceiling (The CW)
Roy is not focused while on a drug dealer misson. They find a whole bunch of men dead and a few hanging from the ceiling. They find the word "GUILTY" written in blood at the crime scene. The team tries to narrow down suspects of drug gangs. Oliver tells Roy to take the day off because his reaction time is too slow tonight.

In the first flashback of the show, Oliver has to find a man that has some very important intel. Oliver attemps to follow the man in question until he gets attacked and the man runs. He chases him down and the man ends up getting hit by a car, but, while getting chased, he stashed the envelope containing the valuable information somewhere. Oliver says he didn't see him stash anything and the Japanese agent says that he does know...he just doesn't recognize it yet.

Back in the present, Laurel is working hard on her boxing skills at the gym. Roy asks Felicity to test his blood to see if he still has some Mirakuru left inside him. Felicity asks what's wrong and Roy does not tell her about his dreams. We then see the Arrow beating information out of a man in order to find a link to their drug dealer culprit. Felicity finds the man they were looking for, but Oliver finds him exactly how he found the other men at the beginning of the show, hanging from the ceiling, dead, and with the word "GUILTY." 

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A man walks in on Oliver and the hanging dead man and it turns out that the place where all this drama is happening is Laurel's boxing instructor's, Ted, gym. Laurel walks in too. She clarifies that Ted has been with her for the past two hours so he did not do anything, and the man was not there when they left. However, Ted is not really showing any fear or surprise at the fact that there is a hanging dead man at his gym. Something is off. 

Felicity's blood test results show that Roy's blood is free from Mirakuru. Felicity asks what is going on and Roy tells her about the dreams that seem so real as if they were memories of when he went out and did things that were not in his control. He finally tells her that he pictures killing Sara. Felicity is very concerned. Laurel holds down the crime scene at the gym, but her dad says that they have to keep Ted on watch. 

Laurel and Oliver talk about the situation to try to find some logic in the situation and try to understand why someone is trying to send a message to Ted. Oliver is very upset at the fact that Laurel is even associated with him. Two weeks ago, he said no to training her how to fight and now she has a personal trainer. Oliver sees what she is really doing and that it is going beyond just letting off steam. Oliver doesn't trust Ted.

In the flashback, Oliver is sitting and concentrating trying to remember where the man put the envelope. The Japanese agent talks to his wife trying to convince her to help Oliver remember what he saw. She agrees. In the present, the team tries to find more information on Ted to try to figure out what is going on. Oliver follows Ted's tracer to another gym with another hanging body when he is attacked by Ted but Oliver subdues him. Ted says he is being set up and he confesses to Oliver that he used to be a vigilante like Oliver.

Ted confesses to beating a drug dealer to death 6 years ago with brass knuckles but it was a mistake. Oliver agrees to use Ted's help for the moment. Laurel helps him get the name of the man that was hanging and Oliver uses that time to tell Laurel that she needs to stay away from Ted. He is an ex-vigilante and a killer. The man who was killed was a magician's assistant. Laurel is playing a very dangerous game that is a lot more real than she understands.

Laurel talking to her dad about Ted (The CW)
Laurel talking to her dad about Ted (The CW)

John and Roy are supposed to suit up to go help Oliver, but Felicity intervenes and says Roy cannot go because she needs to talk to him. Felicity says she created a virtual autopsy shows that Sara's killer could have been someone who used enough force such as that from someone who has Mirakuru in their system. Even though Roy tested negative for it, he could still have had one last episode before it was all gone. Meanwhile, John watches the perimeter while Oliver and Ted go to the place where Ted was being lead.

A man starts shooting at them. The man is very hurt by something Ted did. The man gets away right as the police show up and Ted ends up getting arrested for the multiple homicides. Back at the cave, Laurel shows up at their door. Oliver believes Ted is innocent now but he does not know who the one who is targeting him is. Roy tells Laurel and Oliver that he killed Sara. Laurel begins to freak out. Felicity tries to conceptualize the situation by sayin how the he could have had a Mirakuru episode where he committed an action out of his control but could not remember doing it. However, the memories do resurface in the form of dreams.

Roy apologizes but everyone is in such a state of shock it does not really matter. Oliver tries to calm down Laurel and tells her that they will deal with the fact that Roy killed Sara, but, right now, they have to focus on saving Ted. Back in the flashback, the japanese agent's performs a ceremony with a candle that includes breathing. This meditation experience helps Oliver remember where the man threw the letter.

in the present, Detective Lance is interrogating Ted when Laurel walks in asking to talk to Ted. Laurel lays down her business hard talk because she knows Ted is lying and is not telling her who is the man who is framing him. Ted tells her that the man is Isaac Stanzler who is the actual murderer of the drug dealer six years ago. Stanzler was like Ted's Roy at the time. After the murderer, Ted told Isaac to get out of Starling City.

John talks to Oliver about Roy and that they have to bring him in because they cannot let him run around if he still is having episodes. John says that they are committed to the idea of justice which includes doing what is right when it comes the Roy murdering Sara. John says that it is time for Oliver to abandon Roy. Next, Ted is set free and is walkin with Laurel trying to figure out what will be Isaac's next move when Isaac comes from behind and points a gun at the back of Ted's head.

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Isaac is extremely hurt. It turns out the gang in which the drug dealer was a part of him captured Isaac and tortured him for months until he escaped. But, Isaac will not kill Ted right away, for there is so much that needs to be said before hand. Isaac takes both of them hostage, but, due to Isaac's constant villain emotional talk, he does not realize that Laurel calls Felicity. Felicity answers and puts it on speaker and Oliver recognizes that it is the voice of the man who shot at him earlier.

Roy talks to Felicity about his dreams (The CW)
Roy talks to Felicity about his dreams (The CW)

Felicity tracks down their location. John blocks their route while Oliver chases the car from behind. Isaac grabs the wheel making the car swerve into Oliver's motorcycle knocking him down. Another motorcycle appears, probably Roy, while Oliver gets in the van with John and the chase continues. Laurel takes control of the wheel and knocks Isaac out of the car, but they end up crashing. At the same time, Roy fights Isaac one on one. Isaac tells Roy that he should leave as Oliver is just using him as a weapon and then he will abandon him.

Roy takes Isaac down and asks Oliver to not abandon him and Oliver responds with never. After all the drama blows over, Oliver visits Ted at his gym. Oliver tells Ted to stay away from Laurel. Ted tells Oliver to not make the same mistake he made and cut Roy loose. Oliver responds by saying that the problem was not Ted letting go of Isaac, but the fact that he lost faith in him. 

Oliver goes to pick up Laurel from the hospital. Oliver does not want Laurel to be hanging around Ted and trying to assume this persona that is not who she is. Laurel asks about what will happen with Roy and Oliver just asks her to trust him. At the cave, Roy is staring at his uniform stating how he is going to miss all of the action. He was just getting good at all of it. 

Roy tells Oliver that he is going to turn himself in. Oliver says that Roy's mind is trying to tell him something but it might not be in the way that he thinks. Oliver pulls out the same type of candle that was used to help him regain some of his deeper memories. Roy delves deep into his memories to realize that he did not kill Sara. He killed a cop when he was first under the effects of the Mirakuru and Sara was there when it happened, so he remembered seeing her face which explains why he invisions her instead of the cop. 

Even though he did not kill Sara, Roy is still extremely emotional and hurt at the fact that he is still a murderer. Back in Hong Kong, the envelope turned out to contain a picture of a lanscape. When the picture is scanned and broken down there is a message revelaed that says, "Contact Li Kuan Hui." In the present, Laurel still goes to the gym and asks Ted to teach her the skills to provide justice outside of the court room so that she can avenge her sister. 

Ted accepts. While Isaac is about to be transported, the two officer get attacked. We get a good look at our new villain for next episode. Another arrow master (what is with this show and arrows). She has red hair and the tips of her arrows are shaped as hearts. She calls herself...Cupid. 

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