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Atiz At L.A. Style Fashion Week

Cristian Pagan |
October 17, 2014 | 12:15 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Sophisticated dress with color (Cristian Pagan/Neon Tommy)
Sophisticated dress with color (Cristian Pagan/Neon Tommy)
Thursday night, L.A.’s annual Style Fashion Week resumed with an interesting lineup of shows, including Swati Padmaraj’s collection for Atiz.

The first piece made the audience instantly aware that this show was going to be very different from the previous ones. The debut dress featured an artistic design with abstract colors that flowed over the vertical folds of the dress. This dress did well to set up the overall atmosphere of the show as all the pieces seemed like outfits that a lot of fashionistas could wear right off the runway.

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Padmaraj’s theme and concept for the show was represented very nicely through the designs as there was a mixture of both European and American styles.

All the dresses utilized clean-cut lines and splashes of color that worked well with the majority of the models chosen. The best look by far was a black, high-low dress with a hood and a small slit. It was trendy yet classy because it didn’t have any designs or texture but it still demanded attention. The look can work for a night out, a dinner date or a fancy event.

Sparkly dress (Cristian Pagan/Neon Tommy)
Sparkly dress (Cristian Pagan/Neon Tommy)
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Another look that stood out was a half-tan and half-grey dress with a silver crossover design paired with tan pants underneath. It was a sophisticated look that could be worn to an interview or a business meeting.

To finish off the show, there was a piece with a gorgeous pattern of leaves, flowers and twigs. The overcoat was elegantly designed to showcase the body but it still maintained a sense of freedom in movement. Padmaraj made sure to highlight this design by having the model come back out with her during her appreciation walk. 

One aspect that detracted from many of the designs was the hair and accessory choices. The hair and makeup did not genuinely highlight the pieces, as the eye makeup only worked on certain looks and the hair looked like the models had just rolled out of bed. It didn't quite fit considering a lot of the pieces were classic, elegant and graceful. 

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