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L.A. County Former Sheriff's Deputies Sentenced For Impeding on FBI Probe

Belinda Cai |
September 23, 2014 | 1:00 p.m. PDT

Web Producer

Seven former sheriff's deputies were convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice for impeding an FBI probe of activities inside Los Angeles county jails. Six were sentenced today. Their sentences are as follows:

Gregory Thompson: 37 months + 1 year supervised release, $7,500 fine

Mickey Manzo: 24 months + 1 year supervised release, no fine

Gerard Smith: 21 months incarnation + 1 year supervised release, no fine

Scott Craig: 33 months incarceration + 1 yr supervised release, no fine

Maricela Long: 24 months + 1 year, no fine

Stephen Leavins: 41 months + 1 year, no fine

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The sherrifs are supposed to self-surrender on Jan. 2.

Judge Percy Anderson said, "All of you refused to accept responsibility, and the rule of law applies equally to everyone, badge or no badge. Defendants embarrassed the sheriff's department and every man and woman that puts on a badge every day."

There will be a long-form story on this to follow up.

Read more on CBS.

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