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7 Best ‘Lost’ Episodes

Jillian Morabito |
September 22, 2014 | 9:05 p.m. PDT

Senior Entertainment Editor

Via Facebook/Lost
Via Facebook/Lost
10 years ago today, “Lost” premiered on ABC. As one of the most thoughtful, perplexing, confusing, lovable shows on television, "Lost" was one of the most successful shows. Every week, there was a twist, turn, romance, new character, or perplexing plot point to keep audiences on their toes.

Here are seven of the best episodes that made you either cry, think, fall in love or watch in wander.

“Man of Science, Man of Faith”

Premiering as the first episode of season two, this episode focused on the infamous hatch and its opening. This episode could not be stronger. We see Hurley, John Locke, Jack and Kate all investigating the hatch and this unearthed secret that we were wondering about for an entire season. We also see the endearing flashback of Jack Shepherd’s first surgery as a doctor and how he musters up a little bit of faith. Everything in the flashback references occurrences in the episode (classic “Lost”).

“Through the Looking Glass”

In one of the most endearing (and depressing) episodes, “Through the Looking Glass” fulfills Desmond’s prophecy of Charlie’s death. *Spoiler Alert* He dies. Meanwhile, Claire is left to take care of Aaron on the island. Alone. At this point, you can excuse every “Lost” fan as he or she goes to a corner and cries.

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“The Man From Tallahassee”

Though “Lost” was filled with stupendous acting, there is perhaps no greater performance by a single character than Terry O’Quinn in this episode. Portraying the man of faith, audiences get to see how the John Locke became paralyzed. Afterall, this was a mystery for the first three seasons. Try not to get the feels as he grapples with the realization that he'll never walk again.


Speaking of Locke, "Walkabout" is the first flashback to his past and it is an absolute gem. Because it is the fourth episode (and the first of Locke’s flashbacks), it definitely sets the precedent for how interesting of a person and character John Lock truly is. Also, again, the acting is on point.


What “Lost” list would be complete without the mention of Sawyer? Pushing past the rugged good looks, Sawyer was hilarious and had a serious past behind him, which this episode focuses on. “Outlaws” not only refers to his past and what Sawyer is, but also a lot of the other characters in this show (see: basically the rest of the cast).

“The Constant”

This episode focuses on Desmond, the most underrated character of “Lost.” It explains his “dreams” and his time spent in the Scottish army. Although "The Constant" gets quite confusing (flashbacks on fast-forwards on flashbacks, ya feel?), there is the Penny/Desmond romance that always brings tenderness to our hearts. Please J.J. Abrams, can’t the constant just be their love?

“The End”

Though the show’s finale was highly debated among fans as not being conclusive enough, “The End” is the perfect conclusion. It was vague enough for any fan of the show to have an opinion on how it finished, depending on how they each watched the show. Was it heaven? Was it purgatory? Was Christian God? Many wanted a definitive ending (myself included); however, watching this episode a few times over will help it to grow on you.  4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42—am I right?

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