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626 Night Market Presents Food In Creative Ways

Giselle Dizon |
September 16, 2014 | 2:34 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Blinking ice cubes (@SpikedJuices/Instagram).
Blinking ice cubes (@SpikedJuices/Instagram).
The 626 Night Market had its third and final run of 2014 this past weekend at the Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, Calig. Like its previous runs in Arcadia, this year's 626 Night Market drew hungry crowds excited to try the innovative concoctions and cuisines offered by vendors. Yet surprisingly, what attracted the longest line was neither the Ramen Burger (although, they had their fair share of hungry hordes) nor the delightfully decorated spam musubi rice balls.

Instead, it was drinks filled in mason jars and plastic pots.

Perusing the vast field of Santa Anita Park, I found a number of people carrying large mason jars. Seems normal right? Well, what drew my attention were their lit-up, blinking ice cubes. One of the few vendors advertising these illuminated drinks was Main Squeeze.

Mason jars at the ready at Phoenix Garden's booth (Giselle Dizon/Neon Tommy).
Mason jars at the ready at Phoenix Garden's booth (Giselle Dizon/Neon Tommy).
Another vendor, Sp!ked Juices, had a similar take on the mason jar craze, supplying their customers with various juices to hydrate on the hot day.

Phoenix Garden, based in San Dimas, similarly drew crowds with smaller mason jars featuring a nifty handle and straw.

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However, what I found most exciting was Potted Ice Cream.

Does that look like dirt? You bet it does, but not to worry, it’s actually just crumbled Oreos made to look like the smooth soil of potted plants.

The Potted Ice Cream vendor, based in Costa Mesa, piqued customers' curiousity as they displayed a unique presentation of good old fashioned ice cream.

Dig up your potted ice cream (Giselle Dizon/Neon Tommy).
Dig up your potted ice cream (Giselle Dizon/Neon Tommy).
Choosing from flavors such as mint chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, vanilla and cookies ’n cream, customers could ‘build their own pot,’ complete with a syrup base, ice cream of their choice, and even topped with a plant of their fancy: mint, lotus or rosemary.

The result was a tasty treat and a prime photo opportunity for the social media fiends who posted their enviable delights with the hashtag: #626NightMarket.

Despite the common-place quality of plastic pots and mason jars, vendors this weekend proved that sometimes you don’t have to dress up the food, you just have to dress up how it’s served.

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