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7 Summer YouTube Makeup Tutorials

Barbara Estrada |
July 2, 2014 | 8:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The sun is out and hotter than ever, but that doesn’t means that the heat needs to burn down your style. The following YouTube tutorials show how to easily achieve diverse looks that will get you summer ready! Plus, they are trendy and fresh for the summer.

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Summer Day to Summer Night: Drugstore Makeup Tutorial – Sona Gasparian

This summer tutorial is practical and affordable because everything is from the drugstore. Sona also goes into detail about the benefits of using each product she applies to her face. The products are all from the new Instaglam Collection by CoverGirl, and you only need five to six products to get the look. As you can already tell by the title, Sona also shows how this look can be changed up from day to night.

Get Ready With Me: A Summer Day! – Tess Christine

This tutorial is different from the rest because it gives you insight into Tess' daily summer makeup routine. For those who have oily to combination skin, seriously consider following this video because she uses products that are ideal for that skin type. In addition, she demonstrates how to effortlessly achieve her favorite hairstyle.

Golden Peach: Summer Makeup Tutorial - LittleKiva

If you are going to a fancy high-end event, this goddess-inspired tutorial is perfect for you. LittleKiva details the step-by-step of this golden-peach look that is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. Most of the products used are on the pricier side, but this look can still be achieved with other products, as well.

Summer Makeup Look: A Pop Of Color! - Jewelsharee

As you can already tell from the title—this tutorial gives your eyes a pop of color! Since most of the other tutorials are on the neutral or natural side, this one is great if you're in the mood for something a little bolder.

Waterproof Makeup Tutorial – Kendall Rae

This tutorial is both versatile in price and water-friendly. It's definitely for those girls who still want to look glamorous despite the summer heat. Kendall demonstrates how makeup can last at the beach or the pool.

Glowing Skin Summer Makeup Tutorial – Marianna Hewitt

If you want to go for a natural effortless summer look, this tutorial by Marianna Hewitt is ideal. Marianna also points out that not all summer looks need to use eyeliner because summer makeup should be effortless, glowing and fresh.

My Go-To Summer Makeup Look For Hot/Humid Weather - Casey Holmes

This video is great because Casey goes into detail about each product she applies to her face. She also has Rosacea, so she addresses how she covers it up for a flawless finish that lasts all day in the sweltering summer heat.

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