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CA Primary: The Propositions Being Voted On

Kristy Plaza |
June 2, 2014 | 5:43 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Press Conference for CA June Primary (Twitter/@NALEO)
Press Conference for CA June Primary (Twitter/@NALEO)
On Tuesday June 3, California will have the primary election. Residents will vote for Governor, Congressional District, County Supervisor, Congress seat, Senate seat and Assembly seat. 

There are 14 candidates looking to unseat Gov. Jerry Brown from his position. The position for Los Angeles County District 3 District Supervisor is heating up with three possible candidates. 

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Two statewide propositions are being voted on in the ballot. They will not be on the November ballot so the final vote for the initiatives will be final on June 3. 

Proposition 41 will decide whether the State should sell $600 million in new general obligation bonds to fund multifamily housing for low-income veterans. The proposition is known as the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014. The bond will be funded by taxpayer money. Obligation bonds are repaid by state tax revenue.

The bond will pay for construction, renovation and acquisition of affordable multifamily housing. 

Veterans who have families and earn less than 80 percent of the average family income proportional to family size and county will benefit by the proposition. The bond will also help homeless veterans.

Proposition 42 will amend the State Constitution to require local governments to comply with laws providing for public access to local government body meetings and records of government officials. This proposition will give the public access to local government information. 

The State will not be responsible for reimbursing local governments for any costs associated with keeping up with public record laws. 

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