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7 Celebrities Who Proudly Claim To Be Feminists

Sonia Gumuchian |
June 13, 2014 | 1:57 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Lana Del Rey's and Shailene Woodley's recent comments on feminism have sparked outrage, with many criticizing both for the effect that their ignorance has had on impressionable fans. Unfortunately, these aren't the first two causing controversy. They come from a long list of seemingly empowered women who have distanced themselves from being called feminists.

Some, like Madonna, throw around words like "humanist" or "equalist," implying the term "feminism" enforces a man-hating-penis-chopping ideology, which is just plain wrong.

The confusion over the exact definition of this word is the root of the problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my definition of feminism is: If you're NOT okay with women being stoned to death for showing too much ankle in public, you're a feminist. Especially in the first world with woman gaining more traction than ever, anyone supporting the equality of the sexes is a feminist, whether they realize it or not.

So instead of simply berating those for not understanding the word itself, let's celebrate those who are great examples of feminists whose actions have made a positive impact.

1. Sarah Silverman

This feisty comedian has continually campaigned against laws making it harder for women to have safe abortions across the country and volunteered in Texas to drive women to clinics even five hours away.  Silverman is not afraid to speak her mind, emphasizing media's shaming of opinionated women. 

Julie Delpy (@SoFilmUK/Twitter)
Julie Delpy (@SoFilmUK/Twitter)
2. Julie Delpy

There's no denying this actor/writer/director has a couple of things to say about the "unconventional" woman. Discussing a scene from "Before Midnight," the self-proclaimed "definite feminist" asserted that it's misogynistic to hide women behind layers of clothing, instead of embracing the female form. 

Delpy asserts, "A lot of people expect women to have a certain limit to how polite they can be. It seems it's more the domain of men to say things that are really outrageous. So, for me it's very freeing as a woman to not even be politically correct about feminism. Obviously I'm for women's rights and I'm very feminist, but I'm beyond feminism."

3. Patrick Stewart

From his campaign against domestic abuse to defending women's rights, Sir Patrick Stewart is a rock star. He shows the world the powers of utilizing an "old white man's" status to spread opinions that are not otherwise heard or taken seriously. He also works with various organizations that aim to stop violence against women.   

4. Tina Fey/Amy Poehler

This powerhouse duo is an obvious choice for this list because they've reshaped the public perception of a woman's role in comedy. Taylor Swift had an annoying reaction to their jokes, proclaiming that a special place in hell was waiting for Tina and Amy for making a joke about, dare I say ANOTHER WOMAN (her)!? It's infuriating when people like Swift and Selena Gomez claim any woman who criticizes or makes fun of another woman is an anti-feminist. So props to Tina for taking a jab at Swift's asinine statement at this year's Golden Globes.

5. Ryan Gosling

This gentleman has expressed number of awe-inspiring opinions discussing the importance of strong women in film and the misogynistic nature of controlling a woman's sexuality. As if this guy wasn't perfect enough, his quotes have inspired his own tumblr phenonemon while his "hey girl" meme has done wonders for my confidence. Right, ladies?

6. Sara Bareilles

"I'm definitely sort of a feminist, and I don't think that being a feminist had anything to do with hating anything. It's about celebrating women and being productive for females. I'm not one for seeing amazing, intelligent women being reduced to sex symbols." THANK YOU, SARA. Not just for your beautiful voice or empowering songs, but for your enlightened common sense and ability to embrace it in your work. If you ever want a pep talk from an independent, badass female friend, just listen to this girl's album and you'll realize that you don't need a date to wear a little black dress and dance the night away.

7. Paul Feig

@The BlackBoard/Twitter
@The BlackBoard/Twitter

The director of "Bridemaids" has propelled a ton of female-driven comedies, helping to dash opinions of 'women not being funny.' Feig is proud to say he's a feminist, as most of his friends are women. He's stated that aggressive male comedies don't do much for him and we're grateful that a guy in his position is excited to tell new stories, never discriminating which gender is telling them.

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