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Stagecoach 2014 Festival Style Roundup

Allison Selick |
April 28, 2014 | 3:07 p.m. PDT

Style Editor

On April 25, 2014, fans swarmed to the Coachella Valley for the first day of California's premiere country music festival. Through three days of desert fun, concert-goers of all shapes and sizes showed off their country style. 

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Trend #1: Americana

Red, white and blue apparel was huge in the Coachella Valley. Some were bold with their national statement, wearing the stars and stripes proudly on tanks, button-downs, and fanny packs. One woman even paired a patriotic bikini with matching red leather cowboy boots.

Others incorporated aspects of this Americana theme in a more subtle fashion. White lace crop tops with blue shorts seem basic until they are paired with a red hair bow. One concert-goer let a little bit of flag pattern peek out through ripped jeans. Another even went beyond patriotic and into the political with a shirt that read "Obama Sucks."   

(All photography via Neon Tommy / James K. Stone)

Trend #2: Bright White

The second trend that emerged at Stagecoach was bright white, standing in contrast to the dull desert dust. Concert-goers wore classic white lace on crop tops and short-shorts, as well as on basic tank tops. Classic southern white dresses abound in the desert. Everywhere Neon Tommy turned there were more and more of the summer staple. The ladies of Stagecoach wore theirs with cutout sides, lace overlays and flounced skirts. 

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Trend #3: Bohemian Fringe 

Fringe earned a spot as the third major trend this year. The bohemian-inspired trend was found on cross body bags, crotched tops, and sand-colored vests. One country music fan wore the trend to celebrate her 21st birthday in style. 

Trend #4: Matching Pairs 

To quote Kate Spade, playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends. Even the tikes of Stagecoach flaunted their festival style. These ladies show that you are never too little to make a big statement. Though their floral cowboy hats matched, their contrasting cowboy boots made the look all their own. Do these outfits come in our size? 

Other concert-goers matched as well. Two best friends donned tanks that read "Partners in Crime." A couple wore matching black button downs with white piping and roses above the yoke. A mother and her child wore basket-woven hats to keep the sun off of their faces. 

The men of stagecoach varied mostly in their sleeves. Some men went classic country with sleeveless plaid tops. Others went full-sleeve in patterned button downs. Some men disregarded shirts altogether, and let the desert sun tan their bare skin. 


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