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"Know Your Shit": Actors Advise USC Students

Karla Y. Martinez |
April 23, 2014 | 1:23 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Students patiently wait for the arrival of the actors
Students patiently wait for the arrival of the actors
A panel hosted by Trojan Entertainment Connection (TEC) brought some well-known actors to USC to share their stories and mingle with students. The actors included:

Daniel Franzese ("Mean Girls")

Steven Anthony Lawrence ("Even Stevens")

Stephen Colletti ("One Tree Hill"

Bethany Joy Lenz ("One Tree Hill" and "Bring it On Again"

Paul Johansson ("One Tree Hill"

The actors shared the experiences that lead them to their careers, explained some of the challenges they have faced in the industry and also offered great advice to all the students in attendance.

The following are the highlights of what the actors advised students and what they said in regards to struggles in the industry:


Bethany Joy Lenz: “It’s still a boy's world and as a woman you’ll have producers trying to smack your ass. It’s a matter of knowing your values and who you are as a woman so you know how to deal with each situation. The industry is slowly getting better, but it’s still a challenge.” 

Daniel Franzese: “When I auditioned for "Mean Girls," I didn’t hear anything in forever, it took so long, but eventually I was notified that I got the part.” 

“I officially came out this morning," Daniel added, who then expressed his relief on finally letting the world know he's gay. He mentioned that this had also been a struggle for him because he felt the need to just come out and be himself, but he felt like "some producers think you have less talent if you’re gay." #yougoglencoco 

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Actors listen while Stephen shares his experiences as an actor
Actors listen while Stephen shares his experiences as an actor


Daniel Franzese: “Create stuff, even if it’s bad in the beginning—it will get better.” 

“You have to believe in yourself more than anybody else.” 

“you have to fight for the ability to show what you're capable of.”

“Believe and create because at some point in life you will use every gift God has given you.” 

"The sooner you know what you want, the faster you will get there. Envision everything you want: the job, the husband or wife, the goal and then work for it.” 

Steven Anthony Lawrence: “Go have fun.” 

“Take acting classes and advantage of all that you have available to you.” 

"Acting is no different from any other industry, you still have to work hard."

Stephen Colletti: “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.” 

“Even if you suck, if you are prepared, at least you will look professional.” 

Bethany Joy Lenz: “Don’t put off doing what you love.” 

“You have to believe in yourself and all that you are capable of.” 

Paul Johansson: “work hard and know your shit.” 

 “Know your shit, know your shit, know your shit.”

 “Find a passion and if you don’t love it, don’t do it.” 

 “Be grateful, be happy and be curious.” 

 “Successful people always find the constant need to challenge themselves.” 

"Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most hardworking people I know—he knows his shit"

The actors concluded the night by talking about projects they are currently working on and proceeded to chat and take pictures with students.


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