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Final 'Divergent' Trailer Premieres on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Gabi Duncan |
February 4, 2014 | 3:25 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Shailene Woodley and Theo James in "Divergent" (Twitter).
Shailene Woodley and Theo James in "Divergent" (Twitter).
The stars of “Divergent” made an exciting appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to premiere the final trailer for their highly-anticipated film. In dramatic style, Shailene Woodley and Theo James zip lined onto the stage, imitating the characters they portray on the big screen.

“So, this is something you do in the movie?,” host Jimmy Kimmel asked his guests.

“No, we just do this in life,” Woodley joked. “Traffic is just insane.”

Watch part of the interview here:

The two young actors should prepare themselves, because their lives about to get insane once the movie is released on Mar. 21.

"We both talked about it. It's a thing you need to think about, to contemplate how it's going to change your career and your life," James said. "At the same time, you don't know what anything is going to be. You can't predict the future."

“Divergent,” based on Veronica Roth’s best-selling trilogy of novels, already has a strong following. It has been compared to other mega-popular young adult series like “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight.”

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The story is set in a futuristic dystopia, and every citizen is divided into one of five groups – selfless, peaceful, honest, brave and knowledgeable – based on their personality. Every 16-year-old must take a test to decide which group they belong. When Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Woodley) takes the test, her results are inconclusive, which means she is...divergent.

The film also stars Kate Winslet, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Ashley Judd, Zoë Kravitz and Tony Goldwyn.

Watch the final trailer here:

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