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Mandatory Evacuations Set For Glendora And Azusa Residents

Tahsin Hyder |
February 27, 2014 | 10:36 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter
Glendora hills susceptible to mudslides (Courtesy yosemitephotos.net)
Glendora hills susceptible to mudslides (Courtesy yosemitephotos.net)
Mandatory evacuations are now in place for Azusa and Glendora residents following a flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service.
Residents of Ridge View Drive in a Colby Fire affected area of Azusa have been asked by the Azusa Police department to evacuate as soon as possible.
“This decision was made by police department personnel after speaking with representatives with the National Weather Service, as well as other local authorities,” says social media PIO for the Azusa Police Department. “As with all evacuations, the safety of our resident's lives is the first priority of the Azusa Police Department.” 
The City of Glendora has also requested residents to evacuate—changing its current alert status to RED. All homes between Yucca Ridge and west side of the Little Dalton Wash have the highest risk of being affected by storm waters that may cause mudslides and flooding.
Areas of Azusa affected by the Colby Fires from over a month ago threaten to cause mudslides. Residents of Ridge View Drive were urged to evacuate in the evening hours of Feb. 26 as the storm approached.
Neighboring Glendora residents fear the worst. A 1969 mudslide in the area destroyed 200 homes and killed many. Due to flooding and debris flow, residents have been asked to remove their cars, trashcans and anything else that could get swept away.
Additionally, the Monrovia Police Department has changed its evacuation orders from green to yellow, urging residents to clear their streets from any obstructions that could flow through drains to the ocean.
Rain advisories have also taken effect for all Los Angeles County beaches. Beach-goers are cautioned against “swimming, surfing and playing in ocean waters around discharging storm drains,” says the advisory.
Officials fear storm drains will likely carry debris and bacteria into oceans water via storm drains.
School maintenance workers and firefighters in Glendora are filling sandbags so residents can take precautions against stormwater entering their homes. The city has agreed to provide up to 10 sandbags for each Beverly Hills household.
Residents are also warned to take other precautions some might have thought they didn't need.
"Purchase or renew your flood insurance policy," says Therese Kosterman, PIO for the City of Beverly Hills.
The city of Glendora has also established an evacuation center and areas where residents can pick up sandbags as the storm approaches.
Meteorologists expect the second round of rain storms in Los Angeles to begin in the evening hours of Feb. 27.
Beverly Hills residents can call (310) 285- 2467.
Glendora residents can obtain sandbags at Station 32, 605 N. Angeleno Ave and at Station 97, 18453 E. Sierra Madre Ave.
Evacuees can go to Crowther Center at 241 W. Dawson Avenue, Glendora where an evacuation center has been created. 
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