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State Of The Union: 7 Reasons Olivia Pope Was Behind Willie Robertson’s Appearance

Jillian Morabito |
January 29, 2014 | 4:49 p.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Robertson and former VP nominee Paul Ryan (via Twitter/@Suntimes)
Robertson and former VP nominee Paul Ryan (via Twitter/@Suntimes)
At last night’s State of the Union address, America was distracted not only by Joe Biden’s twitches, but instead by the fact that "Duck Dynasty" reality TV star Willie Robertson was in attendance. 

Robertson’s family has recently come under fire for its patriarch, Phil, making remarks about homosexuality and the treatment of African-Americans.

Safe to say, having a Robertson show up to the event was shocking to many (partially because it’s a very serious event with lots of clapping). 

Therefore, one must come to the conclusion that there was one person responsible-- Olivia Pope. 

Here are seven reasons why the supreme gladiator was behind bringing Robertson to the State of the Union. 

The fabulous Olivia (via Twitter/@scandal_redhot)
The fabulous Olivia (via Twitter/@scandal_redhot)
1. It took place in Washington D.C. so, naturally, she and her “gladiators” had to be there. 

Is there an event in D.C. that the gladiators don’t rescue? The answer is no because the people in the firm (namely, Olivia) get to A. wear gorgeous gowns and elbow length fancy-schmancy glove and B. they’re the best at what they do. 

2. Sally would’ve gotten him in anyways. 

Let’s be real, Vice President Sally Langston has nothing better to do than think of ways to impeach Fritz and his philandering ways. Although, she is probably partial to making friends with the “rightest” side of Hollywood, which would of course include the Robertsons and their Walmart kingdom

3. His family is in need of a revamp.

You got a problem, call Olivia. She’s exactly what the Robertsons are in need of when it comes to public image. Robertson was also rockin’ an American flag bandana. How Lana of you, Willie.

4. Fitz is a Republican and Olivia is in love with him so, therefore, Olivia loves Republicans?

It’s kind of like the equation you learned in third grade where "A" equals "B" and "B" equals "C" and so then "A" is "C." Hey, math comes in useful sometimes besides the Black Friday.

Anyways, if Olivia didn't comply in helping the Robertson family image, Fritz could’ve threatened to sell the Vermont house again and we know Olivia would’ve done anything for that cabin and her jam.

5. Can you say "daddy issues?" 

Let's think about it: poor Willie is in this position because of his father's remarks, not his own. Olivia's father, well, he's a conundrum. The aways "rationale" Pope, who usually trusts her gut, must have realized Willie is not responsible for Phil.

Wine is Olivia's version of water (via Twitter/@Buzzfeed)
Wine is Olivia's version of water (via Twitter/@Buzzfeed)

6. They could’ve bribed Olivia with crates upon crates of wine. 

Olivia has two vices: President Fitzgerald and wine. Sometimes, Fitz and wine together. Regardless, homegirl is a connoisseur.

7. Sally needs a man. 

She is probably looking for a new husband anyways. Too far?

In reality, Republican Representative Vance McAllister invited Robertson, but how much fun would that story be? 

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