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44 Stats About Our 44th President's Latest State Of The Union

Calum Hayes |
January 29, 2014 | 1:15 a.m. PST


There were plenty of things left unsaid in this year's SOTU. (Wikimedia Commons, Chuck Kennedy)
There were plenty of things left unsaid in this year's SOTU. (Wikimedia Commons, Chuck Kennedy)
In honor of the numerous standing ovations President Obama received during the State of the Union address, here are a number facts about things relevant to the President’s speech. 

Before we begin, I have a confession. Originally this was going to be a quantity of stats equal to the exact number of standing ovations our Commander in Chief received Tuesday night; unfortunately, somewhere along the line I started channeling my inner Boehner and lost track of why people were standing and sitting. As a result, I’m rolling with 44 stats in honor of Obama being our 44th president. Read them and weep.

42 - Percent of the country who approve of the job President Obama is doing, 12 points below the historic presidential average. 

9 – Percent of the country who approve of the job the Legislature is doing, the lowest ever. 

28 – Percent of people who think the country is on the right track. 

10 – Number of consecutive years the majority of the country has felt we’re on the right track.

100 – Percent of Vice President Biden’s teeth that look like they’re made of porcelain.

36 – Senate seats up for reelection in 2014 (21 currently held by Democrats, 15 by Republicans.) 

53 – Democrats in the senate currently.

 48 – Democrats predicted to be in the senate after midterm elections by some experts. (With three seats still seen as a toss up.)

 6 – Senate seats Republicans need to win to take control of the senate.

 435 – Congressional seats up for reelection in 2014.

 218 – Number of congressmen (and women) needed for a majority in the house. 

 232 – Republicans in Congress currently.

213 – Republicans predicted to be in congress after midterm elections (with 45 seats predicted as “open.”) 

30 – Number of seats the non-presidential party gains in the house in the sixth year of a two-term president. 

4 – Number of victims needed for the FBI to classify something as a “mass killing.”

30 – Number of mass killings in the United States in 2013.

25 – Number of those that were shootings.

2 – Number of sentences President Obama devoted to talking about guns.

44 – Number of people in millions who don’t have health insurance in the United States.

3 – Number of people in millions who have signed up for private health insurance through state or federal exchanges. 

634 – Number of dollars in millions the government spent to create those online marketplaces. 

9,298,666,666 – Number of dollars in billions the government would have to spend at that rate to get everyone covered.

120 – Number of dollars in millions the national debt went up during President Obama’s speech.

15 – Maximum amount of minutes it took for John Boehner to stop paying attention.

32 – Percent of citizens who approve of the United States’ agreement with nuclear Iran.

40 – Years since the high school graduation rate in the United States has been this high. 

75 – Percent of students who will graduate high school this year.

1 – United States world ranking for education expenses.

15,571 – Number of dollars the United States spends on each student every year.

5,500 – Number of students who will drop out of high school every school day this year.

6.7 – Current unemployment rate.

5 – Years since the unemployment rate was that low.

10.4 – Million people still looking for a job. 

40 – Percent of oil used in the United States’ that has to be imported. 

7.25 – Dollars you earn every hour at a minimum wage job. 

11,490 – Dollars you have to make in a one person household to be above the federal poverty line. 

15,080 – Dollars you earn in a year at a full time, minimum wage, job.

10,356 – How much the average one bedroom apartment costs a year in the United States.

4,724 – How many dollars you’re expected to pay for the rest of your life with if you work a minimum wage job and have an average apartment. 

5 – Years it has been since the minimum wage was increased.

19.4 – Number of people in millions to join food stamps since President Obama took office.

3,671 – How many dollars more you pay in health care premiums than you did when the President took office.

79 – Percent increase in the cost of a gallon of gas since 2008.

0 – Number of things mentioned in the State of the Union that will actually happen this year. We’re nothing if not consistent. 


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