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Foxes At The Troubadour: Show Review

Aeri Koo |
November 20, 2013 | 3:43 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Foxes' beauty shined inside and out during her performance at The Troubadour (Aeri Koo/Neon Tommy).
Foxes' beauty shined inside and out during her performance at The Troubadour (Aeri Koo/Neon Tommy).

How often do you attend a concert where the artist stops mid-performance to grab a handle of vodka to pour for her fans?

That's exactly what happened during Foxes performance on Tuesday night at The Troubadour.

Louisa Rose Allen, commonly known as Foxes, is the singer-songwriter known for her compelling vocals that are so soul-quenchingly dynamic it has the power to easily tune out any background instrumentals.

Making a late appearance, Foxes stepped on stage after We Are Twin. She showed off her fit stomach in a bralet and long skirt, and for someone who claims to love cake, her body definitely says otherwise.

Accompanied by a drummer and keyboardist, she played an hour long set that came with the entire package - a mishmash of dance-y, sensual, and thought-provoking tunes.

All eyes were on her in this intimate setting. With Troubadour being a tight venue, it was the ideal environment for fans to get up close (literally) and watch in awe as she belted out her new songs with passion radiating through her arms.

Even though her first album hasn't been released yet, it was apparent that she already has a solid fan base that continues to grow. The lyrics for "White Coats" that go "And I was so scared, I could not see the light / I didn't want to be alone / But you just stand there, watch them hold me down / I need to know that you're around" are so relatable that it only makes you wonder what her personal experiences were to evoke those familiar feelings.

Regardless of her fame, she proves that she's still down-to-earth by posting personal videos on her website and actively tweeting back to her fans. Her cute british accent and powerful vocals easily win us over, but she took it to another level when she suddenly changed the mood to say, "I feel like getting a bottle of vodka and giving everyone in the front shots."

What's better: getting free shots at a concert or getting shots from Foxes herself?

She continued to entertain the thirsty crowd by reappearing on the stage with several cups and a bottle of Ketel One Vodka. 

"This shit is going down - DO SHOTS!"

Claiming herself to be the vodka fairy, Foxes effortlessly multitasks in passing out cups, pouring vodka (each person definitely got more than one shot), and holding her mic. Everyone had a drunken laugh when she joked "This vodka is like Narnia - it's never ending!"

After taking a few swigs of vodka herself, she continued the show with her hit single, "Youth."

The end of the night was saved for her softer renditions of her collaborations with Rudimental and Zedd

With her new album set to release in March, Foxes gave us a glimpse of what to expect from her anticipated album.

If you missed Tuesday night's show, there's one more chance to see Foxes in LA at Create Club on November 23rd. Who knows? You might end up getting free shots from her.



  1. "Ghosts"
  2. "White Coats"
  3. "Echo"
  4. "Night Glo"
  5. "Night Owls"
  6. "Heaven"
  7. "Shaking"
  8. "Glorious"
  9. "Youth"
  10. "Right Here (Rudimental)"
  11. "Clarity"


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