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7 Best Tips From Fashionista's 'How To Make It In Fashion' Conference

Nikole Guzman |
November 11, 2013 | 8:02 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Neon Tommy- Nona Yegezarian)
(Neon Tommy- Nona Yegezarian)
After kicking off to a late start, Fashionista’s 2nd Annual "How To Make It In Fashion Conference" on November 8th was an overall success. Hundreds of fashionistas gathered at the W Hotel in Hollywood to listen to guest speakers such as L’wren Scott, Robert Rodriguez and Erica Domesek. The young crowd eagerly listened to every word that the speakers said, ecstatic with the opportunity to gain insight into careers that are highly sought after, in an industry that can be cut-throat.

Besides the basic “follow your dreams!” encouragements that we so often gather from conferences like these, the panelists were pleasantly blunt with their words, their advice often becoming technical. Here, we round off the top 7 tips gathered from Fashionista’s "How To Make It in Fashion" Conference:

“Every day I learn something in fashion. I don’t know anything. One must always listen to others, as it is a big part of being successful." -L'Wren Scott

Listen twice, talk once. It is great to boast about things you know and rave about experiences you have had, but one of the main keys to success is learning how to stop and listen. As we pursue our careers and acquire more knowledge every day, we have to realize that the experiences of those who came before us can be extremely valuable.  Our predecessors and even peers have endured the same scenarios that we will come to experience, and listening to them is one way to ensure that we take the correct steps in achieving our goals.

"Los Angeles street wear is fresh and has an active vibe." - Robert Rodriguez

Focus on your surroundings. Be constantly alert, always inspired and looking for something new. Sometimes we can get so focused on our vision and goals that we forget to appreciate our surroundings. Only then can we be in a constant state of gaining inspiration. Robert Rodriguez stated that he looks to Los Angeles street wear for inspiration. Even L’wren Scott said that she gains inspiration for her textile designs by visiting other countries and analyzing the people and culture. Our everyday environment is a great source for ideas and inspiration for designs.

Embrace technology.

Social media has revolutionized the entertainment world.  Do not be afraid to try your hand at blogging, or other platforms like Instagram and Vine. Nowadays, these platforms serve as another means for brand marketing and promotion. L’wren Scott herself is launching an application called “L’wren Scott, L’app”, which will feature her latest collection. Macala Wright, writer, strategist and panelist on the blogging panel, encouraged the audience to try utilizing different approaches on personal blogs.  For example, instead of posting only photos, you can start a YouTube channel. Technology can truly be a handy tool, and one that you should not let go to waste.

Have a clear set of goals.

It can be difficult to choose a specific niche in fashion. Many areas sound glamorous to work in, but focusing on one area will allow you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Develop a thick skin and have sheer determination.

The fashion and entertainment worlds can be extremely cut-throat, so it is best not to be sensitive when it comes to criticism. Learning how to accept criticism and heed advice is a great skill to have, as it allows you to cater your work to an audience that may eventually purchase your product. Do not let yourself be discouraged, but instead turn critiques into positives and use them to propel yourself forward.

Have the confidence to stand by your choices.

As you move forward in your career, be confident that you can succeed.  An employee who is intelligent and reliable is one that an employer values, since he or she knows that they can effectively represent the team and make smart decisions for the overall benefit of the company.

“Give people what they didn’t know they wanted”. -Geren Lockhard

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for new products. Make sure that your supply meets the demand and provide them with something that is novel and out-of-the-ordinary. Since the fashion and entertainment worlds are constantly on the move, there is always room for new ideas.

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