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Jonas Brothers Officially Break Up

Dale Chong |
October 29, 2013 | 10:52 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The trouble began when the band cancelled their tour a few weeks ago. (TwitPic)
The trouble began when the band cancelled their tour a few weeks ago. (TwitPic)
The Jonas Brothers have officially called it quits on their family band.

A few weeks ago, the brothers canceled their latest tour just days before it was supposed to start, which already gave fans some questions to ponder about the band. 

"It's over for now," Kevin Jonas, 25, told People Magazine.

At first reports speculated the trio was fighting, and that Joe Jonas, 24, had an issue with substance abuse. Both claims however are false, and the brothers are on good terms working on their solo careers. 

The New Jersey brothers formed their band in 2005, where they quickly came to fame as a Disney Channel-affiliated group through various movies and television shows. Soon they even had a Grammy nomination. 

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The trio first sang their way into our hearts with their first big hit, "Year 3000," a clean and bubbly pop song. Eventually they became Disney's biggest heartthrobs after releasing three studio albums through Hollywood Records. The Disney affiliation became even stronger when Nick Jonas was linked with Miley Cyrus and later Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas was linked with Demi Lovato. Even the band's bodyguard, Big Rob, became a celebrity on his own, rapping in the hit "Burnin' Up." 

The Jonas Brothers proved to be a genuine and wholehearted trio of boys, especially when the youngest of the three opened up about his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

Eventually the brothers became individual celebrities, with Nick Jonas, 21, released a solo album and Kevin and his wife Danielle became reality television show stars on E!'s "Married to Jonas." 

Not to worry fans, it doesn't seem as though the break up is the final end-all to the band, just for now while they pursue their own careers. 

Joe Jonas tweeted about the break up, "Please hold while we get out s**t together." Perhaps the brothers will band together in later times. 

"We're closing a chapter, for sure," Nick said to People Magazine when confirming the split.

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