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7 Forever Popular Halloween Costumes

Kathy Zerbib |
October 27, 2013 | 4:54 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

Being a cat for Halloween is popular and easy (Twitter/@TheLovelyKassi).
Being a cat for Halloween is popular and easy (Twitter/@TheLovelyKassi).
Every Halloween, we find out there's three kinds of people: Those who are "too cool" to dress up, those who put in effort to get creative with their costume, and those who have no problem going as something totally unoriginal. 

This is an ode to the people in the last category.

From the age-old "cat" outfit to the forever popular Superman costume, here's seven outfits you're guaranteed to see at a Halloween party near you. You saw these all last year and you'll more than likely see them all next year, too.


If you own a black outfit and some sort of cat ears (Tail is optional), you're already set for this outfit. This is the ultimate backup costume. This is every girl's safety net, come Halloween season. A set of cat ears and a tail run for $6.25 on Icing right now. If you're not willing to pay $35 for a full cat costume at a Halloween store, this sounds pretty great to you. Besides, you'll only use your fancy-pants Halloween costume once a year, so why not opt for a recyclable idea?


So many little girls go trick or treating in kiddie witch outfits complete with a pointy black hat. Some of these little girls grow up to don "sexy witch" costumes. If you don't want to be an average witch, try a Candy Corn Witch, a Tie Dye Witch, or an Elegant Witch. The dress is a good deal shorter and maybe a bit more form-fitting. Being a witch for Halloween is cliche, yes, but it's one of those outfits we'll forever see every year.


Yoga pants, a sports bra, a basic tank top, and a ponytail is all you'll need for this one. Dressing like you're heading to the gym won't win you a best dressed award, but it works. Like a cat outfit, a fitness-inspired costume is a good backup if all other ideas fail. Still, you can do better.


This is such an old costume, it's surprising that it still hasn't died yet. Every year, we see guys in the full outfit or just the legendary Scream mask. Every year, the mask manages to scare one person and be overlooked by everyone else.

Always expect a cowgirl at a Halloween party (Twitter/@BlondeBirdie4).
Always expect a cowgirl at a Halloween party (Twitter/@BlondeBirdie4).
Western Cowgirl/Cowboy

Two braids, a flannel, jean shorts, and cowboy boots are what a girl needs to be a Western cowgirl for Halloween.Guys will need a flannel, jeans, cowboy boots, a hat, and a bandana to be a cowboy. It's a flexible outfit to do yourself, or easy to find at a Halloween store. Either way, it's sure to be popular.

Basketball Fan

Have a basketball jersey lying around? Pair it up with some basketball shorts and athletic shoes, and you're good to go for a Halloween party. This shouldn't be considered a Halloween outfit since it seems just too easy. Then again, the same could be said of any of the costumes on this list. 


Being Superman for Halloween is the same as being a witch - it's traditional. Little kids go as Superman, teenagers go as Superman, and grown adults go as Superman. Whether it's the standard costume, the one with built-in muscles, or the Clark Kent version, Superman is a classic.

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