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Gunmen Kill 30 In Kenya Shopping Mall

Eric Parra |
September 21, 2013 | 2:12 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

The gunmen attacked the largest mall in the city of Nairyobi (wikimedia/creative commons)
The gunmen attacked the largest mall in the city of Nairyobi (wikimedia/creative commons)
A shopping mall in Nairyobi met with a shocking tragedy on Saturday, as several gunmen fired shots at various shoppers.

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While the Kenyan city is not exactly well-known for its safe environments,  the amount of fire power used was enough to kill at least 30 people with many injured in the aftermath.

The gunmen were not intending to be taken lightly, wielding assault rifles tossing live grenades into crowds of people running for cover.  Details are scarce, but foreigners, including American citizens, were reported among the causalities.  The United States Department has yet to release any more information.

Allegedly al-Qaida linked, the gunmen prosecuted all cornered victims, asking whether or not they were Muslim.  According to witnesses, all those stating that they were Muslim were free to go.

Those who didn’t, were not.

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