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Hannah Anderson Returned And Amber Alert Suspect Killed

Eric Parra |
August 11, 2013 | 10:06 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

The Amber Alert is a function that has produced results and may be used in the near future (creative commons)
The Amber Alert is a function that has produced results and may be used in the near future (creative commons)
After a week long manhunt for the Amber Alert victim, Hannah Anderson, the teenage girl was found and set to return to her family. The lead suspect, James DiMaggio, was killed by an FBI Agent after being discovered with Anderson.

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Details on DiMaggio’s death are scarce, but he was found outside Morehead Lake, north of Boise and a few miles away from where he and Anderson had been spotted on Wednesday, according to officials.

From L.A. Times

“The killing ended a tense, multi-state manhunt that began Aug. 4, when firefighters found the bodies of Hannah's mother and younger brother at DiMaggio's burning home, east of San Diego. Ever since, police have been focused on Hannah, who authorities believed was abducted. 

The hunt focused on a roughly 300-square-mile swath of rugged terrain. A haven for wolves, bears and mountain lions, the area is so remote that some searchers had to be flown in, while others engaged in the hunt on horseback. By Saturday afternoon, roughly 200 local and federal law enforcement officers were combing the federally protected hillsides. Eventually, with air crews circling the skies, a pair of U.S. marshals in a surveillance plane spotted DiMaggio and the teen at a campsite.”

Hannah Anderson was escorted to a hospital immediately after the shooting of DiMaggio. She was reported to be in “pretty good shape” but no other information has been revealed.

The search for DiMaggio began when firefighters attempted to put out a fire set over DiMaggio’s house, but in the process discovered Christina and Ethan Anderson, Hannah Anderson’s mother and brother respectively. According to press reports, DiMaggio and Brett Anderson, Hannah’s father, knew each other from their work.

The case is one of the first large-scale Amber Alert notifications that has proven to be successful, and may become a more used function in the future.

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