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Egypt’s ‘Day of Rage’ Turns Violent

Helene Imperiale |
August 16, 2013 | 10:02 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

On August 16 supporters of the former Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi took to the streets as the Muslim Brotherhood vows a “Day of Rage.” In response to the “Friday of Rage” thousands of supports marched from northeast Cairo after noon prayer. The Muslim Brotherhood tried to regain its strength after almost 640 people were killed on Wednesday.

The “Day of Rage” was also used to describe January 28, 2011, the most violent uprising against Mubarak. On that day, protesters had won and police forces were forced to retreat.

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Reuters is reporting around 50 killed in today’s demonstrations.

According to CNN, “Security forces fired tear gas at a mass of people on a major bridge leading to centrally located Ramses Square. Machine gun fire was heard in central Cairo as a military chopper flew overhead. One witness reported seeing police fire at pro-Morsy protesters exiting a mosque in the western part of the city.”

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The state run EGYNews reported that Military vehicles were deployed across Cairo and Giza. EGYNews also reported an increase in checkpoints to prevent the smuggling of weapons. 

The international responses to the violence have differed. While European countries and the United States were reviewing its ties with the country, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia said his country stood with Egypt. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people and government stood and stand by today with its brothers in Egypt against terrorism," King Abdullah stated today.”


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