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How To Transition Your Winter Pieces to Spring

Jennifer Joh |
March 9, 2013 | 3:46 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

It's that awkward time of year. You can't put away all your winter clothes immediately because mornings and evenings are still chilly, while the day is warm. This is a great time to start gradually transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring. There's still time to rock your winter pieces while incorporating those bold spring colors into your outfits. Neon Tommy shows you how to make this transition without emptying your wallet.

Frye Carson Boots (Shopbop)
Frye Carson Boots (Shopbop)
1. Back to Basics

Compile your set of wardrobe basics. Quality basics that are long-lasting are worth the investment, since these key pieces will make your outfits work, no matter the season. Think leggings, camisoles, jeans, cardigans, and boots. 

2. The Art of Layering

This is the key to a successful transition. You can add or take off layers and remain perfectly suited up for the weather. Layering is your best friend, especially in moody SoCal, where predicting the weather can be tricky.

Lightweight cardigans, especially the ones in colorful spring shades, are a winter staple that work just as well during the spring. With even just a cami or T-shirt and a cardigan, the combinations are endless; just layer your outfit with a cardigan and conveniently take it off when the daytime rolls by and the weather warms up. 

Just Cavalli florals (Neiman Marcus)
Just Cavalli florals (Neiman Marcus)
3. Spring Up Now, Not Later

Don't wait until it gets hot to wear your floral dresses, blouses, and bold prints. It's time to mix cold-weather clothes with your warm-weather ones.

Again, the winter necessities that kept you warm can easily be paired up with spring pieces. A floral dress works well with dark tights, a warm jacket or cozy cardigan, and boots.

Any splash of floral can change the look of any outfit. A bright print, floral or geometric, can spice up those dark winter colors. A leather jacket is a key piece, as you can layer it on a variety of tops.

Don't forget about your denim jacket, which you can layer with a hooded jacket for that urban look during chillier nights, or simply as a cover-up. The great thing about denim, as we all know, is that it matches just about everything. And if you're hesitant about taking out those shorts again, don't fear!

Cover up your legs by wearing tights underneath or over-the-knee socks, which look great paired with all the hottest shoes of the season: lace-up boots, platform sneakers, Oxfords, and Doc Martens. Jeans are multi-seasonal and look appropriate in any time of the year. Of course, test new trends but don't go overboard. 

4. Think Colorfully 

Winter clothes are normally one of five basic colors: black, white, brown, gray, or navy blue. A well-executed transition into spring requires splashes of bright and fun colors, so don't be mainstream. If you're the daring type, rock the neon tights. Wear lighter scarves and utilize bright accessories.

Colorful skinny jeans are in high demand; wear a pair of green or pink pants, which will keep you looking ready for spring while staying warm. Wearing bright shades will make you feel brighter yourself, while jazzing up your overall look. 

Retro Floral Scarf (Forever21)
Retro Floral Scarf (Forever21)
5. Scarves: The Ultimate Transition Accessory 

Scarves are the key transition accessory. They're a great way to change things up, keep warm, and save money. It's worth it to obtain bright or patterned scarves, which can be paired with winter's favorite neutral colors.

This is the ideal way to wear your basic colors--transform your plainest outfits with a single, colorful print silk scarf. Go above and beyond and use other spring accessories to complement your winter clothes; some options are floppy hats and patent handbags. 

6. Accessorize 

Jewelry is the easiest and cheapest way to transition any winter outfit into spring. Bold, chunky, colorful, statement pieces brighten dark sweaters and plain colors.

Be on the lookout for pastel stones, floral accents, bright chunky necklaces, colorful beads, statement earrings, sparkly bangles, and chunky rings. A simple winter outfit, or any other staple outfit, feels more like spring when you use jewelry wisely. 

7. Step Into Spring

Footwear is a significant part of your wardrobe's transition into spring. Like other accessories, shoes have the power to easily take a winter look into a warmer season. Transition into sandals, wedges, and pumps, but keep the boots, flats, and loafers.

Shoes you wear in the winter can be worn in any weather; in fact, Sperrys and loafers are comfortable and compatible shoes to pair with your mixed seasonal outfits. Don't abandon your Uggs or riding boots because it's warmer; all shoes are versatile items and will be ideal pairs to your spring looks. 

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