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Grammys 2013: 9 Most Indecent Looks

Allison Selick |
February 10, 2013 | 8:07 p.m. PST

Style Editor

The Grammy Awards have, traditionally, contained the single most lewd red carpet. From Pink’s nude bodysuit at last year’s awards to JLO’s navel-bearing Versace beach cover-up, we have seen 55 years of butt-crack, nipples, and, of course, side boobs.

After being fined $550,000, CBS has issued an advisory against “thong-type costumes”, “bare sides or under curvature of breasts”, “bare fleshy curves” and “sheer fabric”.

How did the stars edit their red carpet choices to fit this standard? Basically, they didn’t. Neon Tommy counted over 20 looks that violated this new rule; this was before we stopped counting. Which looks showed the most skin? Break out your double-sided tape, because we are about to count down the 9 looks that made us blush.

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5 Greatest Grammy Looks Of All Time

Karlie Kloss (Twitpic)
Karlie Kloss (Twitpic)
9. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss wore a gorgeous blue cutout dress by Michael Kors. She’s placed at number ten because she barely breaks the rules.

If we are going to get to the word-for-word, legal analysis level, women are not allowed to show “bare fleshy curves”. I would say that this dress has serious underboob potential, but let’s face it; Kloss has no fleshy curves to bare.

Katy Perry (Twitpic)
Katy Perry (Twitpic)
8. Katy Perry

Tonight Katy Perry described her new single as “very personal”.  She is also getting personal with her audience in a mint green Gucci dress, showing that she has a lot to love.

Unlike Karlie Kloss, she has a lot of “fleshy curve” on her. Katy Perry, we know you are blessed, and need not be reminded.


Jennifer Lopez (Twitpic)
Jennifer Lopez (Twitpic)
7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wore an Anthony Vaccarello dress, Tom Ford shoes, a Jimmy Choo bag, Norman Silverman jewels, and a lot of bare skin.

Although CBS had no explicit rule about showing some leg, there was a clause included about genitals and “flesh below the butt”. One gust of wind and JLO is a CBS criminal.




Skylar Grey (Twitpic)
Skylar Grey (Twitpic)
6. Skylar Grey

Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many others have set a precedent: it wouldn't be the Grammys without some side boob.

Even so, the CBS clause was pretty clear about “bare sides of breasts”. Skylar Grey is getting pretty close to nipple territory.

Taylor Swift (Twitpic)
Taylor Swift (Twitpic)
5. Taylor Swift

Although T. Swift might sing about waiting for a prince to deliver her first kiss, we have always known her to be less than ingenuous. Let’s try some honesty Taylor; you’ve dated half of Hollywood.

This white J. Mendel wedding-esque gown shows Taylor's hidden edge as well as every angle of her chest.


Kimbra (Twitpic)
Kimbra (Twitpic)
4. Kimbra

Kimbra is always an exception. Rules were put on this earth specifically for Kimbra to break them.

CBS was pretty clear about not accepting sheer clothing. This Jaime Lee Major dress is a lot of sheer for a woman with a lot of sass.

Kelly Rowland (Twitpic)
Kelly Rowland (Twitpic)
3. Kelly Rowland

Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote the famed line “How does Kelly Rowland break the rules? Let me count the ways” (NOTE: not the actual quote).

Rowland’s Georges Chakra dress was sheer, showing underboob, side boob, the top of her breasts, her thighs, and, if she sits down, her genitals. To answer Browning, that makes five.


D'Manti (Twitpic)
D'Manti (Twitpic)
2. D’Manti

D’Manti, who are you? Apparently a singer-songwriter from Las Vegas (surprise, surprise). D’Manti has a song that has yet to make it big and a name that means “many capes”.

In this case, a cape or two would have been nice. The lace “dress” surely will grab D’Manti the attention that she has been craving.

Adele (Twitpic)
Adele (Twitpic)
1. Adele

Just kidding. Adele stuck to the decency guidelines religiously and ended up looking like a teapot hotdog-wrapped in a Turkish rug. To prevent anticipated Valentino hate, please see the dress how it should be worn.



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