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The Best Parody Twitter Accounts Created During The Oscars

Jennifer Joh |
February 27, 2013 | 2:51 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

On nights like the Academy Awards, Twitter might as well be the best thing that's happened to the Internet. It's a platform for your friends to post Twitpics, for the world to hashtag #Oscars2013 all at once, for everyone to announce their opinions on every Oscar given and every dress worn that night. In fact, Anne Hathaway's nipples felt the need to speak their mind, too. So they got their own Twitter account and enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. Here are three hilarious parody Twitter accounts created during the Oscars this year. 


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1. @HathawayNipple

It's going to be a long, long time until Anne Hathaway is no longer a hot topic. Her revealing dress on the red carpet, a dress that "spoke to her," earned her nipples a Twitter account, which already has close to 4,000 followers and is gaining more by the second. These tweets were the unsung comedians of the night. 


2. @Afflecks_Beard

The beard that covered this actor/director's face had a mind of its own that night. One person must have strongly felt that it needed its own voice, and so a Twitter for Ben Affleck's beard was created. It seemed to enjoy itself at the after-party.  


3. @Michael_Haneke

The Austrian director who took home the Best Foreign Film Oscar for his film Amour was bestowed another great honor that night. You guessed it: his very own parody Twitter account. Haneke's victory spawned tweets playing off his Austrian accent hilariously. 

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