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Romney, Obama Spin Performances Post Debate

Jackie Mansky |
October 4, 2012 | 1:12 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Prepping for the 2012 Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. (Creative Commons/University of Denver, Flickr)
Prepping for the 2012 Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. (Creative Commons/University of Denver, Flickr)
The liberal and conservative media pulled out more “zingers” then the candidates used to characterize the first presidential debate Wednesday night.

Liberal opinion writers were highly critical of Romney's performance and often called Romney a liar. An article that appeared on Huffington Post Thursday, titled, "Romney: So Desperate He's Playing a Democrat on TV," is a prime example.

The article began by saying, “The way Romney won last night was by acting like a Democrat -- and by being a stunningly blatant bald-faced liar.” It went on to criticize Romney's statements on healthcare, the economy and job growth.  

On the other side of the ideological spectrum, conservative opinion writers ripped into Obama’s performance. Dan Gainor wrote an opinion article on Fox News with an equally charged headline, titled “Liberals 'freak out' after Obama's poor debate performance” which discussed the outcome of the debate.  

The late Warren Zevon wrote the song 'Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead' in 1991. After Wednesday’s presidential debate, it could be the new theme for the Obama campaign and even the liberals of MSNBC seemed to know it,” Gainor wrote.

Political pundents for both sides did not hold back either.

Obama aides David Axelrod called Romney’s performance a “shell game” on MSNBC Thursday morning and said Romney deserved  "an 'F' for being honest with the American people,” The Huffington Post reported.

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Alternatively, Rudy Giuliani, the former governor of New York told the Washington Post, “The American people saw the difference between a teacher and student.”

For their part, the Romney and Obama campaign each looked to spin the debate in their favor.

Both campaigns released videos Thursday in an attempt to direct the narrative of the post debate coverage, the New York Times reported.

“Mr. Obama’s campaign released a video called 'Mostly Fiction,' in which it accuses Mr. Romney of playing “fast and loose” with the truth during the debate….[and] Republicans produced one called 'Smirk,' which showed Mr. Obama’s reaction during much of the debate. In the video, the president is shown looking down with a grimace on his face, or smirking while Mr. Romney talks about the failures of Mr. Obama’s administration.”

Following the debate, the campagins also made sure to applaud their candidate’s performance.

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The Obama camp said that president did a better job of speaking directly to the American people about his ideological vision.

"The president has made no secret of the fact that he wanted to speak directly to the American people and when he looked at the camera and spoke about social security and protecting it, when he spoke about the absence of details, when he spoke about the difference between their plans for the economy, that's what he was doing," Jen Psaki, an Obama campaign spokeswoman said, as reported by USA Today.

Romney’s camp, which the Washington Post remarked as being as “disciplined and unemotional as the candidate,” was also energetic and positive about the results.

 Stuart Stevens, Romney’s chief strategist did not hold back his enthusiasm when commenting on Romney’s performance.

“Clearly someone dominated in a debate in a way we haven’t seen in a presidential debate in a long time,” Stevens said.

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Despite the spin, the Romney campaign was careful not to characterize Romney’s performance in the debate as a singular “game changer,” which was what many media outlets were building it up to be before the debate.

“I don’t think this is going to happen in one night,” senior advisor to the Romeny Campaign, Kevin Madden told the Los Angeles Times. “I think what is going to happen is we have 34 days 'till election day, that this is going to be a larger conversation we’re going to be having over this debate and three others including the vice presidential. It’s a process rather than one event.”


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