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REVIEW: Madisonpark Collective Spring 2013 Runway Show

Didi Beck |
October 17, 2012 | 11:13 a.m. PDT

Graphics Editor

Didi Beck/ Neon Tommy
Didi Beck/ Neon Tommy
Madisonpark Collective wowed audiences again Tuesday night, October 16th with the entertaining presentation of its spring/summer 2013 line.

Just as spectators thought it might be a regular catwalk, models stopped walking and broke out into choreographed dance, flash mob style.

The collection featured a variety of looks. The main pieces were treated blue and colored denim, printed cotton pants and shorts, reworked leather jackets and pants, loosely woven knits, and jersey tees.

The line showed looks that were both edgy and laid back. The leather jackets and pants were styled with jersey tees and cool kicks, giving the models a street-smart feel. Contrasted were the flip-flop clad men in screen-printed jersey tees, paired with cotton pants and shorts with fun geometric prints in pastel colors. Other models wore only color-treated denim, much to the delight of some spectators.

This collection reflected the designers’ inspiration of the tough times faced in the past few years and the hope for better times in the future. This future could not be brighter, as a 10-1 countdown announced the launch of a women's collection for fall 2013!

Madisonpark Collective’s spring summer 2013 line will be available at select retailers next spring.

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