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Madisonpark Collective Will Show At L.A. Style Fashion Week

Didi Beck |
October 14, 2012 | 4:08 p.m. PDT

Graphics Editor

Models perform at Madisonpark Collective fall 2012 runway show/ Screenshot by Didi Beck
Models perform at Madisonpark Collective fall 2012 runway show/ Screenshot by Didi Beck
The menswear brand Madisonpark Collective will show its spring/summer 2013 collection at the Vibiana Tuesday, October 16. The show is part of Los Angeles Style Fashion Week.

Known for entertaining and very unique runway shows, the buzz around this season’s Madisonpark Collective show is growing: can they outdo the fall 2012 performance?

This collection is said to be inspired by the difficulties that society has faced in the past few years. Pastel colors and geometric shapes will play a large role in the designs, representing new hope and structure for the future.

The brand uses reclaimed cotton, eco-friendly fabric manipulation procedures, reworked denim and military canvas in most collections. The upcoming spring/summer line will continue to use these materials, along with open-weave knits, cashmere, and chambray blends. The incorporation of these fabrics is part of the collection’s inspiration of future hope and structure for society. 

Madisonpark Collective focuses on designing American-vintage-inspired garments for the modern man, creating a “rugged yet refined look.” The brand was launched two years ago by designer Trey Alligood III and his partner Michelle Peschel. The duo opened a wholesale showroom called “The Penthouse” in Los Angeles for the collection. All garments are made in the United States.

Neon Tommy will cover the runway show live via Twitter, followed by a review of the collection.
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