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"Revenge" Episode 5 Recap: Forgiveness

Ashley Riegle |
October 28, 2012 | 10:50 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Kara Clarke Sits Down to Lunch at Grayson Manor (ABC)
Kara Clarke Sits Down to Lunch at Grayson Manor (ABC)

"Forgiveness" charts Kara (Emily Thorne's mom)'s return to Southampton, the birth of a baby Porter and more secrets and surprises along Emily's quest for revenge.

Throughout the episode, Emily continues to play tough with Aiden. Regarding her emotional breakdown to him in the last episode she tells him, "I needed someone and you walked through the door, don't let it go to your head." Tough as nails, that Emily Thorne.

Minute 3 - I am gasping because crazy Kara shows up at Grayson Manor. She hugs Victoria saying, "I'm so glad you are alive". The women sit down and have an intense and strange conversation. Victoria phones Conrad and tells him he better be home in an hour to have lunch. During the meal, Kara continues to try to feel them out about Gordon's whereabouts. As we learned in last week's episode, she was not only in love with the mysterious (and violent) white-haired man, she was also married to him! Victoria invites Kara to stay in Grayson Manor, saying she feels so badly about what happened to her daughter. The sight of Conrad, Victoria and Kara sitting down for a meal together is unsettling and confusing. What a scary trifecta.

Emily has a powerful memory where she recalls the second half of the drowning incident. Her mother not only attempted to drown her, she succeeded. Her father rushed into the water, dragged her to land and resuscitated her, after which Emily spent time in the hospital. The memory ends with her father telling her that her mother is gone.

Aiden goes to Grayson Global to meet with Conrad about Takeda's investment in Grayson Global. Damn, Aiden looks fine in a suit!!

Jack tells a visiting Nolan at the hospital that Kara is back on the scene. Nolan rushes over to Emily's and confronts her about being so vacant in his life recently, including that his father recently died.

Amanda is still in a coma until 20 minutes into the episode, and then she's back! Her baby, Carl, was born by emergency C-section, and mother and child are both alive and well.

Emily and her mother, Kara, have a conversation for the first time in "Revenge" history. Of course Kara does not know Emily is her daughter. For Emily, it is a visably intense experience.

Mason Treadwell is Back Causing Trouble! (ABC)
Mason Treadwell is Back Causing Trouble! (ABC)

As they are chatting in the hallway of the hospital, Mason Treadwell bursts in with a bouquet of flowers. For those who have forgotten, Mason Treadwell is the (super) creepy man who wrote books about David Clarke.

Kara's hanging around the hospital, blurry eyed and disheveled as always. Why do people keep letting her hold Amanda's baby?? She is not to be trusted.

Aiden goes out for drinks with Daniel and Ashley and learns that Padma (NolCorp's CFO) filed a request for employment information on David Clarke's time at Grayson Global. She is seeking to find out whether his terrorist connections were in any way tied to NolCorp. This appears to be part of Padma's quest to appease the IRS. Is there going to be something more troubling here? Why didn't she tell Nolan she was looking into this? As he is falling for her, it seems she may be hiding something from him.

Kara gives Amanda a speech about what a great and strong woman she's become. Kara admits that she was a very sick woman for a long time and not fully in control of her actions. She says that she and David Clarke made a decision to tell Amanda she died. Amanda says she forgives her and they hug, as Emily listens in the hall and cries. Clearly Emily wished she were the one receiving the apology from her mom.

The Stowaway is back in business, thanks to the preppy guy, Mr. Ryan, who framed Declan as a thief. In a conversation toward the end of the episode, Jack seems to concede that he will sell the bar to him. Will this finally help improve life for Jack and Declan? Charlotte appears at the Stowaway and tries to be friendly with Declan, but he gets distracted. It's been a long time since their break-up and her rehab stint. I say it's time for them to reconnect! 

Conrad proposes to Victoria. Don't be fooled, they still hate each other, it will simply be an attempt for them to protect themselves from having to testify against one another in a court of law. How romantic...

Emily and Amanda meet up on the porch of Emily's beach house to have a heart to heart on several outstanding issues. Emily apologizes for putting Amanda in the line of fire with Victoria (the conversation that led to Amanda falling over the Grayson's balcony and nearly dying). Amanda apologizes to Emily for telling Kara she forgave her. Emily tells her she did the right thing, and uses the moment to come clean about something she has been keeping from Amanda. She tells Amanda that Jack is indeed the father of baby Carl, and apologizes for lying to her in the first place. Amanda accepts her apology and says she apologizes for making Jack fall in love with her when she first arrived in Southampton. She admits that she knew that was heartbreaking for Emily and that it must be hard for her now seeing the three of them as a happy little family. Emily says the most important thing is that Jack is happy. It seems like Amanda and Emily are now in an honest and positive place.

Aiden returns from the city proud of himself for discovering that Padma was the one who put in the request about Emily's father. He asks if Emily's investment in NolCorp could come back to haunt her, and she says no because she sold the stock a long time ago. When he makes mention of Nolan, she expresses her desire to keep him safe. Aiden seemingly disregards her wishes when in the next scene he tells Daniel that because David Clarke had invested with NolCorp and was on a contract with an exclusivity clause, the investment was really on behalf of Grayson Global and they would have a major holding in NolCorp. Yikes!

In the final scene, Emily is walking on the beach clearing her mind. Amanda is on the porch rocking the baby when Mason Treadwell appears. He couldn't help notice in the hospital that Amanda did not bear the deep scar on her back she suffered earlier in life, insinuating that she is not who she says she is. After she scoffs at his insinuation, he bluntly states that she is not the child of David and Kara Clarke, dropping a file of papers next to her and strolling off. It seemed like Treadwell had disappeared for good quite some time ago. Remember when Emily stole all of his evidence and burnt his house down? Well, it appears he's back on the case!

Check out the steamy preview for next week's episode. A Grayson wedding, Emily and Daniel dancing, Conrad in a jail cell? Keep it coming.

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