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Nanette Lepore Offers Whimsy And Allure With Fall 2012 Collection

Sophie Elkus |
February 16, 2012 | 11:24 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Nanette Lepore’s playful collection of bright colors and shimmery gold accents offered luxurious fall additions to mix and match into any modern woman’s wardrobe. The designer utilized creative patterns to turn basic silhouettes into extraordinary pieces, working from an inspiration described as “tarot reading with Oscar Wilde.” From the delicious shades to the touchable textures, Lepore’s runway was a breath of fresh air and an attitude of stark contrast to the serious and austere collections of many other shows exhibited during fashion week. 

A look from Nanette Lepore's Fall Collection
A look from Nanette Lepore's Fall Collection

The use of complimentary yet contrasting colors made for a striking palette of shades that worked well together, especially used within a print. The patterns at play were whimsical and lighthearted, appropriate for the Mad Hatter’s tea party or a backyard garden soiree. Gold accents adorned many looks, serving as either a subtle touch on a metallic shoe or as a loud statement piece like a gold ruffled dress and matching jacket. Ladylike skirt suits offered professional dressing options for viewers with a more corporate agenda, whereas pleated and frilled skirts appealed to those looking for celebration pieces.

A particularly memorable print blended bright orange and azure blue, two unusually paired yet perfectly compatible colors that mimicked a burnt and deep sunset. Another playful checkered print of mustard orange and cranberry was used for a short suit, anchored by a no-nonsense black leather bag that took the ensemble from youthful to sophisticated. 

Canary yellow and cranberry red were frequent shades in rotation. Lepore also embraced the popular fall trend of sheer fabric with see-through lace blouses, offering a peek of just enough skin without losing the collection’s reserve and refinement. The show’s pieces could be taken straight from the runway to the streets as a statement look, or worn separately with neutral-colored basics to boost an everyday wardrobe. Many dresses of lace and embellishments radiated a Victorian elegance but kept to modern times with a polka dotted bag or a pair of ankle boots.

Models’ hair was pulled back in not-too-perfect ponytails to accent the touchable allure of the clothes, and the makeup was bright and dewy, often featuring a coral-flushed cheek or berry lip. The outfits were matched to equally enticing handbags of green and pink shades, accessories that will no doubt sell just as successfully to shoppers poised to purchase just a taste of Lepore’s whimsy.

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