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Valentino Wows With SS 2012 Haute Couture Runway Show

Allison Selick |
January 25, 2012 | 10:52 a.m. PST

Fashion Editor


(Image Courtesy NowFashion (Link to all images that they have below)
(Image Courtesy NowFashion (Link to all images that they have below)

Valentino’s SS 2012 collection runway show ran off schedule, but was worth the wait. The show opened up with a long hall, lit with a moss hue. From the first dress (an off-white maxi with what looks like miniature feldgrau reed prints) to the last (an outstanding sheer-topped white finale), the collection was filled with sheer pieces and sheer perfection. 

The first eight looks consisted of off-white maxi dresses with repeat microprints in various dulled hues. The next set of pieces became more structured, as Valentino worked his way into thicker fabrics. Suits, suit separates and thick dresses came into play as well at dress coats. All pieces retained the feminine-yet-grown-up feel of the runway, keeping to shades of white and dainty details such as lace and eyelet.

Maintaining the romantic, ethereal vibe, lace was worked into the pieces in both large and small amounts. Many models’ hands were covered in lace. Heavier lace pieces, such as look twenty-four required varying shapes, sizes and patterns of lace within one look.

Each and every piece embodied ethereality at its finest. Neon Tommy’s favorites were look three, a strapless off-white maxi with repeat slate-purple microprint and a bow at the waist, look twenty-one, a cream suit topped with a pristinely-made cape and loafers, and look sixty-two, an unexpected (but appreciated) introduction of xanadu hues and shimmer.

The show concluded with rants, raves and applause, a fitting ending to such a fantastic presentation.

Live streaming can be found at http://www.live.valentino.com.

Pictures of the show can be found on Now Fashion.

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