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Lauren Elaine's Fall 2011 Designs Unmasked At Castle Antiques

Tess Goodwin |
March 15, 2011 | 11:19 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Lauren Elaine’s Fall 2011 collection (Tess Goodwin)
Lauren Elaine’s Fall 2011 collection (Tess Goodwin)
Held at Castle Antiques in North Hollywood, was everything you would expect a masquerade to be: mysterious, dark and haunting, yet, soft and sensual.

The masked guests were ushered into the warehouse overspilling with fine antique gilded mirrors, candelabras, and French sofas, making the whole scene reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s "Eyes Wide Shut."

The 26-year-old designer, Lauren Elaine Edleson, could be found flouncing about in one of her ethereal gowns as she gave interviews before the show.

Edelson said that she “has been sewing since she was little, but fell into fashion accidentally.” She went to school for film but after graduating college, she fell in love with the fashion world and looked to designers like Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa for inspiration. 

The crowd was a mixture of photographers eager to snap pictures of the models dressed in Lauren Elaine’s flowing gowns and metallic cocktail dresses and VIP guests including Bridget Marquardt from E!’s hit reality show, "The Girls Next Door."

A silent auction was held with items of every price range to benefit the Burbank Animal Shelter which is a volunteer group of 120 people who take care of 3,000 dogs, cats, and rabbits that come through their doors every year.

“We always try to benefit a charity and this worked out perfectly because I am a huge animal lover,” said Edleson.

The Burbank Animal Shelter also saves over 300 kittens every year by finding foster parents to bottle-feed and nurture the kittens to health and full size so they can be adopted.

As the lights were dimmed for her much anticipated campaign video, the talking grew to a whisper and everyone was entranced with the beautiful and seductive girls frolicking in feathered masks and gowns on the screen. 

The Soho Dolls’s song “Bang bang bang bang” rang through the speakers as the models walked steadily down the runway in cocktail dresses of brocade and lace.

“I took a trip to Venice Italy this past October and it was my first time there and it was so beautiful. It really inspired me,” said Edleson.

The model in the finale dress entered the runway in a cascade of white tulle spilling red rose petals over her head and Edleson’s idea of a “modern princess” came to life.

Edelson designs for “a girl who wants to be beautiful. She doesn’t care about being sexy or avant-garde.”

“I design clothes that I like to wear. If I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t want to make it,” said Edelson.

And with silks, satins, ruffles, and crystals, who wouldn’t want to wear one of Lauren Elaine’s breathtaking designs?

Her Spring 2011 campaign video can be seen here .




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