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L.A. Today: Redevelopment, Oscars And More

Andrew Khouri |
January 25, 2011 | 8:29 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The redevelopment saga continues at city hall today. The council will again consider taking in $930 million from the city’s redevelopment agency in order to bypass Gov. Jerry Brown’s attempt close the agency down.

California’s controller will begin auditing 18 redevelopment agencies, including Los Angeles', the Times says. Some see a political motivation behind the move.

From yesterday’s marathon Budget and Finance meeting: the Daily News reports Los Angeles may move to a four day work week to cut costs. 

Via LANOW: LAPD officers shot and killed a man Monday night. Police say the man was mentally ill and acting violently. The NYTimes notes by the way that there have been more police shot at the beginning of this year than anytime in recent memory.

The Academy rolled out its nominations bright and early this morning. The King’s Speech led the way with 12 nominations, including a Best Picture nod.  Check out Neon Tommy’s coverage here.

Finally, it appears the mayor’s 30/10 plan has caught on down south in San Diego, LA,StreetsBlog.org says. San Diegans may get their very own 50/10 plan.



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