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Best Of The Web: Crocodile Attacks, Dems Vs. Repubs And The End Of The Walkman

Callie Schweitzer |
October 24, 2010 | 4:02 p.m. PDT


Five headlines from around the Web highlighting some of the day's best, worst and quirkiest news:

  1. In non-shocking news, both Democrats and Republicans believe they'll prevail on Election Day.
  2. A crocodile hidden in a passenger's bag onboard a plane escaped, causing the plane to crash and killing 19 passengers during a flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The crocodile survived the crash but was killed by rescuers with a machete.
  3. Former NPR analyst Juan Williams, who was fired after saying on Fox News that he gets nervous when he sees people in Muslim clothing on airplanes, said Sunday that his firing "amounts to censorship."
  4. Sony has announced the end of the Walkman, 30 years after its invention, nine years after the invention of the iPod. 
  5. A look at the 10 most annoying smartphone habits including the "bathroom stall texter (or talker)" and "the 'app for that' joker." 
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