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Wheelchair Basketball Program Inspires Kids With Disabilities To Score

(Christian Brown/Neon Tommy)

Christian Brown
Staff Reporter

The Rancho Renegades prep for their own road trip to play wheelchair basketball.


The Era of YA Dystopian Novels Is Ending: 7 Things Readers Will Miss

"The Giver" movie adaptation, based on the 1993 dystopian novel that started the trend in YA fiction, came out in August (@PanAm

Meghan Coyle
Staff Reporter

Lois Lowry: “Dystopian fiction is passé now." But readers will still miss the their visits to Panem and beyond.


A New Ice Bucket Challenge: Burning The ISIS Flag

Women burn the ISIS flag in an unidentified location. (Mother Jones/Twitter)

Rebecca Gibian
Web Producer

A new form of the ALS ice bucket challenged has appeared in the Arab world: Burning the ISIS flag. 


Hookah Becoming More Popular With U.S. Teens

Hookah is quickly growing popular with U.S. teens. (Twitter/@CNN)

Kristy Plaza
Executive Producer

Hookah is becoming more popular but the risks of smoking hookah are released in a new study. 


Bullying Triples Suicide Risk

Cyberbullying caused even more teens and children to have suicidal thoughts, the JAMA Pediatrics study said. (Creative Commons)

Heather Navarro
Executive Producer

Cyberbullying causes even more children and teens to consider suicide, according to a new pediatrics study.


Teens Delay Getting Drivers' Licences Due to Finances

Less Teens Under 18 Obtaining Driver's License

Anne Artley
Staff Reporter

High costs of driving keep teens from hitting the road.