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New Measures Hope To Boost Security Around Campus

Petitions by USC community pushed for safety measures to be reviewed. (Josie Huang/Twitter)

Shoko Oda
Web Producer

The pure act of measuring improvements on campus safety will always be difficult.


South L.A. Programs Tackle Pressing Community Health Challenges

Members of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw community take advantage of the Bfit initiative in their area.

In a community plagued with high levels of diabetes and heart disease, how can health initiatives make a lasting change? 


LAPD Fatally Shoots South L.A. Man During Investigative Stop

Francesca Bessey
Senior Opinion Editor

Family members say Ezell Ford, 24, was complying with police orders and lying on the ground when he was shot three times in the back.


Xinran Ji's Accused Killers Plead Not Guilty

The search for justice for Xinran Ji has garnered ardent support. (Twitter/LA Times)

Ashley Yang, Arash Zandi
Executive Producers

Frustration mounts as the quest for justice is impeded by a lengthy criminal trial. 


LAPD Misclassified Hundreds of Violent Crimes as Minor Offenses

More violent neighborhoods may appear safer on paper, and therefore have less police presence. (Shay Sowdon, Wikimedia Commons)

Ashley Yang
Executive Producer

Violent crime statistics were artifically deflated, to the detriment of the police and the public. 


Skid Row Block Party For Kids Helps Poor Families

An annual block party allows kids to have fun. (Courtesy of the Los Angeles Mission)

Heidi Carreon
Staff Reporter

The Los Angeles Mission is helping kids get free school supplies while having fun too.


We Read LADOT's Open Discussion On Reddit, So You Wouldn't Have To

Sara Newman
Deputy Editor

With secret tricks to fight that parking ticket or score a sweet parking spot... 


International Students React To Apparent Lapses In Safety

USC's campus and the neighborhood surrounding it seem to be two separate worlds. (Richard Ha, Creative Commons)

Ashley Yang, Heidi Carreon
Staff Reporters

Safety seems to be a luxury that these student couldn't take with them across the world.