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The Best And Worst Trends of 2015

Sophie Sanders |
December 22, 2015 | 6:30 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

As 2015 draws to a close, we like to reminisce about the year's bests and worsts. 2015 has seen a lot of trends come and go, some that should stay longer, and some that should have stopped when they were ahead. In honor of the year's close, we have rounded up the five best and five worst trends of the year.

The Good:

1. Plaid

Plaid looks good with almost any other fabric: denim, suede, leather. Although plaid is normally reserved for fall, we would love for it to be transitioned to spring because, hey, who doesn’t love plaid? It was an absolute delight seeing plaid taking the reigns of 2015 trends and we hope it is here to stay! 

2. Flare Jeans

Who doesn’t love a little throwback to the 1970s? Flare jeans are ultra-flattering on everybody and are versatile enough to be dressed up and down. Tuck in a blouse, add a belt, pair with platforms and you have the perfect outfit formula!   

3. Suede                                                                

Suede is one of those fabrics that is constantly going in and out of style. This past year, with the '70s trend in full swing, suede was definitely in. From mini skirts, to jackets, to dresses, suede has proved to be a versatile and highly chic fabric that we don’t want to give up quite yet. 

4. Lace-Up Clothing

From body suits to dresses, a plunging neckline that has been laced up has been extremely popular in 2015, even seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The lace up look is super flattering, super sexy, and will make you feel like a million bucks. Definitely a trend we hope stays around. 

5. Statement Earrings 

Oversized and extravagant earrings were the It accessory of 2015 and we loved it! From ear cuffs to embellished hoops, statement earrings were a simple way to dress up an outfit. We love the versatile styles and can’t wait to see if 2016 brings in a new crop of ear-embellishing designs. 

The Bad:

1. Excess Fur

PETA is probably going out of their minds with the 2015 fur trend. Unnecessary fur was seen on bags, shoes, shirts, and just about everything else. While a little bit of fur is classy and elegant, 2015 went fur crazy and we are happy to see the end of the trend. 

2. Unnecessary fringe that gets caught everywhere 

A little bit of fringe is all well and good. In fact, considering the 70s trend, it may even be necessary to own a little fringe to be fully in trend. However, some fashion has taken fringe too far. Who wants to get zipper stuck in fringe? Who needs their fringe dipping it hot sauces when they eat (may or may not be a personal experience)? The end story is: fringe can stay around a little longer but only when done minimally. 

3. The cutout turtleneck 

This trend has always been a little confusing. Why would one want a piece of excess fabric strangling their neck when it doesn’t look like it is supposed to be there? Stick to a full on turtleneck or stick to no neck piece at all. Either way, the cutout needs to be cut out from future trends. 

4. Overly complicated clothing 

When you can’t figure out what hole to put your legs, neck, and arms in, you know that you should be wearing something else. While crazy cutouts can look cool, the complication is not worth it and so, with 2015 coming to a close, we are happy to stow away our strappy, cutout, have-never-worn-because-we-can’t-figure-out-how-to-put-them-on pieces. 

5. Slogan Shirts

When every trending hashtag and saying ends up on a shirt, it quickly grows old. From “Straight out of ____” to “I Woke up Like This” and “Karl Is My Father,” the slogan shirts are a fad about to expire. Although the shirts can be witty and fun, they grow old fast and are luckily going to be gone before 2016. 

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