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Mac Miller: Ten 'B Sides' You Should Listen To

Gabriela Fernandez |
November 29, 2015 | 11:02 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Mac Miller, now 23 years old, has really burst his way through the entertainment industry with catchy jams and unique way of achieving success without a major record label. As Mac continues on his musical journey with Warner Brothers Records, fans should look back on his style as it developed before he was signed with a major deal. Here are top ten of his most underrated songs: 

1. "Crushin' Round The Clock"

This song, released on the "The High Life" in 2009, is one of Mac Miller's most underrated songs because it's catchy and is one of his classics as it displays his lyrical skills at an early point in his career. 

2. "Something About You" 

"Something About You," with only about 300,000 views on Youtube, really showcases Mac Miller's genuinely sweet side.

3. "All Around The World"

The mixtape that this song comes from, "Best Day Ever," has been downloaded over one million times with its top song "Donald Trump" reaching the top Billboard 100. While this song is on the B-Sides, it certainly should not be because it's fun and shows fans how Mac really knows how to have the "Best Day Ever."

4. "Wake Up"

On the less popular side of "Best Day Ever," this song is impossible to not want to dance around to. 

5. "Clarity"

"Clarity" is on Mac Miller's seventh mixtape, "Macadelic." It is a very tranquil song with a beautiful beat that will make you hit replay over and over again. 

6. "I'll Be There"

This sweet song is a dedication to Mac Miller's mother. It is always such a treat to see a rapper's side that cherishes their family and considers their relationship very special. "I'll Be There" is a nostalgic song too.

7. "Got A Clue"

Mac Miller's cutesy tracks are so honest and mellow. It was released when he was only seventeen as a dedication to his longtime girlfriend. Hearing it makes dedicated fans smile because of its effortless beats that were part of his early talent. 

8. "I Think I’m In Love"

How could anyone not love this cheesy song? The plot twist at the end is hilarious.

9. "Down The Rabbit Hole"

This one is incredibly polished has very peaceful vibes. With only about 400,000 views on Youtube, it is a shock that this song is not more popular. 

10. "Fight the Feeling" feat. Kendrick Lamar

This song from "Macadelic" is one of Mac Miller's most sentimental songs as it tries to give advice to the next generation. Not to mention, any track that features Kendrick Lamar is never one to miss out on. 

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