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Sweater Weather Really Is Better Weather

Dale Chong |
November 19, 2015 | 12:11 a.m. PST

Associate Arts + Culture Editor

The Neighborhood got it right. It is too cold out here. As the temperatures drop below 70, it’s cuddle season. That might mean your significant other, but honestly speaking, what’s better than snuggling up inside a cozy sweater?

Fall is simply perfect. Sure, for the crisp air and the autumnal hues, but really it’s because you get to wear sweaters all the time. Why, you ask? Nothing beats sweater weather. From cashmere turtlenecks to the chunky cable knit Fisherman’s sweaters, they’re the go-to cozy fall staple, and you don’t even have to dip into “athleisure” (unless you style your sweaters with yoga pants and sneakers, but that’s another story). 

Sweaters go with everything. Skirts, jeans, dresses, heels, flats, you name it. If you’ve ever had a day when you can’t find anything to wear, or you’ve just had it with putting any effort into your appearance, sweaters instantly complete the look; no accessories needed. You’ll probably even fall asleep with the amount of comfort you’ll experience. 

There’s really no argument for the love of sweaters, and its correlating weather. During the blazing summer days beneath the sun, we want nothing more than for fall and winter to arrive; stacking up the layers and staying forever in a cocoon of wool definitely beats sleeping (half-)naked and still sweating—that’s with the air conditioning on.

Need more justification? There is none; the decision has already been made. Of course if that’s truly not enough for convincing, if the sweater is big or stretchy enough, you can always share your coziness with that special someone.

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