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Pioneertown: Returning To The Wild West

Sarah Peyton |
October 19, 2015 | 8:59 p.m. PDT


Most people have never heard of Pioneertown, California. With a population under 500, many people wouldn’t think of the cultural impact it has on today’s society. However, Pioneertown actually encompasses the historic and cultural environment and tradition of the wild west. 

One of those cultural experiences is catching a show of the Mane Street Stampede, a local wild west re-enactment group. The current team has been around for four years, run by acting president Raelene Wharff. The group’s main goal is both to inform people about what the wild west was like back in the day, as well as entertain.

Another cultural experience is attending a live performance at Pappy and Harriett’s. With an environment the opposite of Los Angeles, Pappy and Harriet’s encompasses everything a music venue in the desert should be. 

While the venue isn’t as well-known as say the Viper Room in Hollywood, nonetheless the line-ups pull bands from around the world. You can just as easily listen to a honky tonk band as you can catch punk bands and experimental artists. The pace is slow and on a Friday night you might wait over an hour for dinner — as most of the cooking is done outside on an open fire grill. 

At Pappy and Harriett’s, you can listen to amazing bands in an outside acoustics venue with the setting sun over desert mountains as the panoramic backdrop. 

Though you can’t stop technology from creeping in, Pioneertown is a steady example of what used to be. 

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