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'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 2, Episode 7: 'I Want You to Die' Recap

Dustin Sloane |
November 5, 2015 | 11:31 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The cast of "How to Get Away with Murder." (ABC)
The cast of "How to Get Away with Murder." (ABC)

First, we see the mansion where Annalise (Viola Davis) is shot. Connor (Jack Falahee) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) are shown about to make some haphazard decision. Laurel (Karla Souza) and Wes (Alfred Enoch), who is holding a gun, spy on them and want to “stop them.” This seems like too obvious of a clue leading to who shot Annalise.

Now, there’s a flashback to four days earlier. Wes is changing into his clothes. He discovers a gun that Levi (Matt Cohen) left in his apartment — the same gun he holds in the previous scene. Clearly, this gun will play a role in the craziness that occurs at the night of Annalise’s shooting.

Annalise teaches her class that it is possible to prove that even Mother Teresa is a murderer, by examining personality disorders and logistical ability to kill. This parallels to how Annalise expects her students to prove that Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) and Catherine Hapstall’s (Amy Okuda) cousin, Phillip (Jefferson White), is the murderer in their case.

Nate (Billy Brown) packs his now-deceased wife Nia's belongings at the hospital. As he’s packing, he is served with papers claiming that he played a role in Nia’s death (which he did, as revealed in last week’s episode). Turns out that this is another one of A.D.A. Sinclair’s revenge plots against Annalise. Annalise sardonically mentions to Frank (Charlie Weber), “If you want to protect us, kill Emily Sinclair.” Seems like some foreshadowing, as we already know that Sinclair (Sarah Burns) is later killed.

Annalise shows up at Eve’s house, where Eve (Famke Janssen) agrees to defend Nate in this new case. However, she prohibits Annalise from having any involvement with nate or with the case.

Bonnie (Liza Weil) angrily confronts Asher (Matt McGorry) about the alleged gang rape he partook in years back. Asher is caught off guard, and does not know how to defend himself to Bonnie.

It’s time for a new client. Why, Shonda Rhimes? Isn’t this show confusing enough? Anyway, Annalise is defending a man named Dale, who is alleged to have forced the suicide of his ex’s husband, Marco. Dale is still hopelessly in love with his ex, which makes his motive to kill her husband much more obvious. Yikes.

Annalise spots Sinclair at the courthouse. Why is everyone who crosses paths with Annalise and co. always hanging out at the courthouse? Don’t they have anywhere else to be? Anyway, Annalise challenges Sinclair. “You’re messing with the wrong bitch,” Annalise declares. Damn. Sinclair asks if that’s a threat. Annalise replies, “I guess you’ll see.” 

Annalise forces Wes to help Laurel with Dale’s case because she notices that Laurel’s relationship with Frank is distracting her. However, it seems like Laurel can manage her relationship and still be on her A-game. After Dale tells Laurel and Wes that Marco went to church three nights a week, Laurel realizes that he was going to the church for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Therefore, Annalise can use alcoholism and its link to depression and suicide as a defense.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to stop the prosecutor. The prosecutor presents Marco’s 911 call immediately before his suicide, which Marco blames on an unknown “him,” to use against Dale. Things are not looking good for Annalise and Dale.

The show returns to the Hapstall case, as Frank enlists the help of Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) to find Phillip’s location at the time of the murder. Connor is not happy with this, and he wants Oliver as uninvolved as possible in the Keating Five’s mishaps.

Eve and Annalise get to talk again. Eve says she’s a “tiny bit happy” that Nate killed his wife because it means that she gets to see Annalise. Annalise and Eve talk about a romantic hypothetical future in which they open up a law practice together in Paris.

Asher tries to explain his perspective about the events at his parents’ lakehouse to Bonnie, but Bonnie’s not having it. She quickly dismisses Asher. Looks like there’s trouble in paradise (by paradise, I mean an already unstable and questionable relationship).

Oliver is still hanging around the Keating house, and someone finally recognizes Oliver’s crucial role in Annalise’s cases. Surpisingly, this appreciative individual is Annalise, herself. “You’re the man who’s constantly saving our asses. Thank you for your hard work,” Annalise says to Oliver. I’m glad that Oliver is getting the props he deserves for his totally illegal yet effective work.

Annalise essentially asks Wes to spy on Eve as she defends Nate, and Wes obliges. In court, Wes watches as Sinclair calls Nia’s nurse to the stand. The nurse breaks down immediately and strengthens Sinclair’s case. Surprisingly, Eve does not cross-examine the nurse, and she subsequently loses the case. Wes reports this to Annalise, and he theorizes that Eve purposely lost the case. Annalise questions Eve on the issue, but Eve denies it and claims that she has a plan.

Oliver, per Michaela’s request, finds a bizarre rap music video from Asher’s past. The video amuses Frank and the other students, but it infuriates Asher. Bonnie is also angry, and she yells at the students to shut the video off.

Laurel is at it again in Dale’s case. She uses her intuition and flirtation to figure out that Marco’s wife (Dale’s ex) is sleeping with her attorney. Annalise uses this to her advantage and wins the case on Dale’s behalf. Laurel asks for some acknowledgement from Annalise for her huge help in the case, but Annalise does not give Laurel what she wants. Instead, Annalise tells Laurel to “stop being needy” and advises that her lack of attention to Laurel is her biggest compliment.

Nate goes back into the hospital, where he begins talking to the nurse who testified in court. Later, we find out that this nurse helped Nate in doctoring Nia’s blood records. Nate is free to go, and Wes, who’s still spying on the courtroom action, knows Eve tampered with the evidence. Wes calls Eve out, and he is confused as to why Eve keeps helping Annalise while putting herself at risk.

Asher, once again, tries to explain himself to Bonnie. Bonnie “just can’t look at him the same anymore.” Asher tells Bonnie that he understands that this issue is Bonnie’s “thing.” This causes Bonnie to realize that Annalise told Asher about Bonnie’s past of being abused as a child.

Eve curiously asks Annalise about Wes. She assumes that Wes is whom Annalise has been protecting by framing Nate. She does not understand why Annalise is so eager to protect some student. In response, Annalise drops a huge bombshell. “It’s not just some student. It’s him.” Wow. Maury Povich basically just came out and shouted, “Annalise, you ARE the mother!” While it’s still not confirmed that Annalise is Wes’s mother, this seems to make it pretty obvious. That being said, you still never know with this show.

Back at the Keating house, Oliver, posing as Connor, creates an account on some dating site that Phillip is signed up for so he can set Connor up a date with Philip. This way, Connor can somehow get Phillip’s DNA from a cup of coffee and use it as evidence in the Hapstall case. I don’t really get it, but Frank and Michaela are enthusiastic about the idea. Connor, however, is not into this plan at all. Connor does not want to go on the date, so Oliver volunteers to go instead. Connor tells Oliver that he can’t “act crazy” anymore. Oliver replies, “What if I want to?”

Meanwhile, if you remember from last episode, Phillip is well aware of Oliver and Connor’s hacking and deceit. In setting up a date with Connor, he is actually out-manipulating Oliver. Listen to Connor, Oliver. You may be heading for some danger. Never mind, it appears that Connor is going on the date after all.

Annalise arrives back home, and Bonnie is waiting for her. “You told him,” Bonnie says. Bonnie blames Annalise for ruining the “only good thing” in her life, presumably referring to her relationship with Asher. Laurel calls Annalise, but she is too busy justifying her actions to and yelling at Bonnie. After a long war of words, Bonnie says to Annalise, “I want you to die.” She wishes Annalise had been killed instead of Sam because Sam would not have betrayed her like Annalise did. Well, that escalated quickly. Bonnie walks away, and Annalise breaks down in tears.

Annalise finally responds to Laurel’s call, and she is outraged that Frank helped plan Connor’s “date” with Phillip. They call the date off, and Connor leaves before Phillip arrives. Unfortunately, it does not seem like Philip ever had any plans to arrive. He was too busy following Oliver into his apartment. Oliver spills an entire jar of milk when he sees Phillip standing in the doorway of his home. Oliver is visibly shocked and frightened - as am I. This is spooky.

The episode flashes forward to Laurel and Wes trying to stop Connor and Michaela, where it is revealed that Bonnie is also at the mansion where Annalise is shot. Not only is she there, but she seems to have dropped A.D.A. Sinclair’s dead body from the roof to the floor.

Last week, I predicted that Asher’s father is the man who shot Annalise, but his storyline was virtually nonexistent in this week’s episode. Therefore, I have reconsidered my prediction. I am now endorsing Oliver as the culprit of this shooting. We’re only one episode away from finding out the answer, so be sure to tune in to “How to Get Away with Murder” next Thursday at 10pm on ABC.

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