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Sports SCene: Football Fails in South Bend; Nikola Jovanovic In-Studio

Paolo Uggetti |
October 20, 2015 | 11:17 p.m. PDT

Editing Producer

Halfway through the season, USC Football is 3-3 and looking to have a much-improved second half of the season. With undefeated Utah coming to the Coliseum, Connor McGlynn and Jackson Safon have got you covered in this week’s Sport SCene, as they talk about some of the takeaways from last week’s first game under Clay Helton and discuss some of the Trojans’ keys to the games. 

Connor is then joined by Paolo Uggetti at the monitor to break down and dissect what exactly is making the Utes such a successful team so far this season. How will USC counter Utah’s dynamic offense and will they be able to stop them? We predict Saturday’s duel. 

Speaking of undefeated Utah, the Pac-12 South is once against a potential train wreck full of contending teams. Jackson is joined by Aaron Glazer for a look around the South. How is every team in the division doing so far? Are USC’s chances to win the division still alive? We take a look at all of the possible scenarios. 

Football is in full swing, but basketball is soon coming. With a hopeful season on deck, Connor is joined by star center Nikola Jovanovic to talk USC basketball, this team’s hopeful youth and talent heading into this year’s campaign and more. 

The Galen Center court is also where USC’s women’s volleyball team continues to dominate and defeat opponents this season. For a deeper discussion on what is making the Women of Troy the best team in the country, Jackson is joined by Cooper Perkins and Fabio Martello, who give us an inside look at the team’s success. 

Of course, we could not forget about the rest of the Trojan athletes performing for the Cardinal and Gold this past week. Beverly Pham has all your water polo and soccer news in the latest edition of Lighting the Torch. 

And finally, Kristen Lago wraps it all up with a social media roundup of those who made the long trip out to South Bend for USC’s rivalry matchup against Notre Dame.



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